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    Array to XML be used to generate XML documents from associative arrays. It traverses an associative array recursively.Array element keys are converted into XML tags. Array element string values are converted into child data or tags. If an array element value is another array it is converted into a nested set of tags.The generated XML document is stored in class ...
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    Clean XML To Array can be used to parse XML documents. It parses the XML document from a file or string, and builds an nested array with nodes for each document tag.
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    XML to array parser HTML fix can be used to parse XML documents and retrieve data into arrays. It is an improvement of the original class written by MA Razzaque Rupom to make it process XML with illegal characters used in HTML documents.XML to array parser HTML fix pre-processes the XML document to escape ampersand characters so the PHP XML ...
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    psNewsReader can be used to browse RSS feeds using AJAX to avoid reloading the current page. without reloading the wIt can show a list of feeds as links. When a feed link is clicked, the feed items retrieved from a remote server and are displayed in a separate page sectionhole page.
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    HTML_TO_DOC can be used to convert HTML documents to Microsoft Word XML document format. It is revision of the original class written by Harish Chauhan that works with Pclass wrins older than 4.3.
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    XML to HTML menu can be used to generate menus in XML and HTML. It can add items to the menu definition. Each item can have associated and other attributes.From the menu definition it can generate a XML document that describes the menus. The menu XML definition documents can also be generated manually or by some other process.The HTML menus ...
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    myXTree allows to save the DOM-document in a SQL-tree and back. For a choice of the data from a SQL-tree are used XPath expressions. Data reading of a SQL-tree can be carried out by two ways: by one SQL-query and recursive way.
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    ODT 2 XHTML can be used to convert OpenDocument document files (ODT) to XHTML.It can open an ODT file, extract its contents and use XSL to transform the actual document into XHTML. It requires the PHP Zip, DOM XML and XSL extensions.
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    RSS Read can be used to parse RSS feeds and output the feed items as HTML pages.RSS Read can retrieve RSS feeds to parse, optionally stripping HTML tags from the feed items. It can also render the feed items in an HTML page, adding links to the original feed item pages.
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    Data to XML can be used to generate XML documents from data stored in a MySQL database. It can execute a given SQL SELECT query and generate a XML document with query result data.
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    XML Security can be used to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify data in XML documents using the XMLSec standards.It uses the XMLSec library tools developed by Aleksey Sanin and others to perform the basic cryptographic operations on XML documents to comply with the W3 Consortium XMLSec standards
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    XML Serializer can be used to store and retrieve objects from XML documents.XML Serializer can traverse the list of public variables of an object and generated a XML document with variable values. It can also do the opposite, by loading a previously generated XML document and restore the original object public variable values.
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    x64 Feeds Generator can generate feeds in different formats by using templates. Some of the current supported feeds formats are: RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3.The feeds are generated by passing data that is commonly used by the different feeds, making easier to generate the feeds without having to change the code. Also, the generated feeds can ...
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    The SAFOX API is a collection of light-weight APIs for true object-oriented PHP to handle XML files. The latest version also supports the generation and parsing of RSS files.As of version 0.5 the SAFOX wrapper is the starting point for all SAFOX operations. It is an extreme light weight class that allows youo to create any of the SAFOX objects ...
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    VFXP_XML_Parser can be used to parse XML documents. This is a light-weight class optimized for parsing speed, so to make it suitable for frequent parameters parsing.VFXP_XML_Parser uses only base PHP functions, so it does not require any special extension to parse the XML documents. The input XML documents may be parsed from a text string or from a given file.VFXP_XML_Parser ...
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