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    XML 2 Array is a simple class can parse a XML document file and build an associative array from its elements. The resulting array has as indices the XPATH location of the document data elements.
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    The PHP Expat extension is used to parse XML documents. Sofee XML Parser builds a structure in private class variables.Sofee XML Parser provides means to extract the XML document structure into an array that can be used by applications using the usual PHP array iterator functions.
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    XML can also generate XML documents from nested arrays that define the document tag structure.XML can load XML documents from files or text strings. It turns the document tags into keys of a nested associative array. The resulting array is stored in a class variable.XML can also generate an XML document from an array with the document structure. The document ...
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    SimpleXML for PHP can load and parse a XML document file like the simple_xml_load function.Document nodes are reorganized and parsed in order to return a document structure identical to the result of the simple_load_file function.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHP Xforms can be used to validate XML documents using a XML Schema.PHP Xforms can validate a XML document given a XML Schema definition document. Additionally, it can invoke user-defined callback functions to perform contextual validation.
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    A generous subset of the DOM Level 2 specification is implemented in this package, which has been designed to be fast and have a low footprint.The primary goal of DOMIT! is to provide PHP developers a standards-compliant means of working with XML, thus ensuring more portable and communicable code.DOMIT XML parser is not an extension; it is written purely in ...
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    Associative array to XML can parse a XML document and build an array structure with the information of the tags and data of the document. It can also generate a XML document from using the entry keys and values of the associative array.
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    XML Writer class can also customize the DTD and style sheet tags.Key Features of XML Writer class:- Definition of tags and data sections.- Support input and output iso-8859-1 and utf-8 (Unicode) encodings.
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    Excel XML Parser can be used to read and write data to Excel worksheets in the Excel XML format.Excel XML Parser can parse an Excel document file in the XML format and create objects to access the file workbook, worksheets, table, cells, etc..The contents of the document may also be altered and saved to an Excel XML file or served ...
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    The returned array has as many dimensions as the nesting depth of the XML document tags. The domIT class is used to parse the XML file.
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    A bidimensional array containing the list of tags and data in groups of records defined by top level XML tags, is returned.
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    Several features, such as points with specified geographic coordinates, lines, polygons, links and overlaid icons, can be added to a KML definition.KML Generator can return the KML definitions as XML document strings or serve them as the output of the current script.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The positions of each element is also tracked in order to allow the determination of the exact location of elements that may be contextually in error.Supports parsed file cache to minimize the overhead of parsing the same file repeatdly. Optimized parsing of simplified XML (SML) formats ignoring the tag attributes.
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    phpXML Lite is completely stand-alone and is designed to make the XML communications nice and simple in PHP. Because it's stand-alone, it does not require you to install extra libraries, like PEAR or PECL. phpXML Lite properties and methods are modeled after the XML class in Flash, so the transition back and forth between Flash and PHP is much easier.
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    Base460 Parser can be used to extract bar code (EAN-13, ITF-14) information from abase460 file or abase460-like formed XML document.The extracted EAN records are returned into associative arrays.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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