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    Excel XML can convert an .xml file to an XML spreadsheet and change the values of its cells.Key Features of Excel XML:- It can be used manipulate Excel XML spreadsheet files.- It can load an Excel XML spreadsheet file and change the values of any worksheet given its row and column.- The modified Excel XML spreadsheet can be stored in ...
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    Can be called with if ($p->is_errors) print_r($p->get_errors); , where $p = new xmlparser($path_to_file);
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    LinkMeIn uses the login credentials of a particular user to authenticate on LinkedIn. It retrieves and parses the user contact list exported by the site in a format for Microsoft Outlook.The contact list may be returned as an array or served as the output of the current script in a RSS 2.0 format.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    AIRProjectXML provides classes for composing several types of elements of AIR projects such as windows, icons, file types, applications, as well classes for parsing and generating AIR XML project definition files.AIRProjectXML also allows managing AIR project files from a web-based GUI.Requirements:PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    xmlparser enhances the ezXML parses with a method that can return the value of a node, given its name.
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    Create A Simple XML FIle can create a XML document with a given character set encoding. It provided functions can be used to add a root node or additional child nodes.The resulting XML document can be displayed as part of the current script output or saved to a given file.
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    XML To Array can be used to parse XML documents. The parser results are stored in an associative array with the whole document structure.Each array entry may contain nested arrays that describe the contents of the document tag structure.
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    A nested associative array can be traversed and an XML document can be generated. The array entry indexes are used to define the XML tag names. The array entry values are used to define the XML tag data.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    There is a class that can send an HTTP request to a remote server passing data from a multidimensional array serialized as a XML document.HTTP requests with data serialized as XML can also be retrieved and the original array can be returned.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Object To XML traverses the public variables of a given object and generates a XML document with the variable names as tags and the variable values as tag values.Object and array values are converted into nested tag values. The class name is used as the root tag of the generated document.The resulting XML document can be returned as a string.Requirements:PHP ...
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    XML Object can store an object in a XML document. It can also do the opposite, which is to parse a XML document and return an object stored in it.XML Object uses PHP DOM XML API to generate and parse the XML documents. Works like XMLEncode and XMLDecode of JAVA.
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    simple XML builds an hierarchy of objects that represent each XML document node. XML tag node objects have variables that reference document child nodes.simple XML uses the Expat parser built in every PHP version, so it does not need any other special extensions. It implements the functions found in PHP5's SimpleXML for PHP4.
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    XML Manipulation can parse XML documents and find nodes with a given name that have an attribute set to a given name.An array is used to return the nodes that are found.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Path To XML can be used to generate XML documents from directory listings.There are two classes in Path To XML: - one to generate a XML document from an array, - a sub-class to traverse a directory recursively and build an array from the list of files.The generated XML document can be saved to a given file.
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    PHP 5 DOM XML is a simple class that demonstrates how to extend the PHP 5 builtin domDocument classes to parse, alter and save a XML document to store book information.
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