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Free and open source PHP WAP & WML Scripts. These scripts provide you some solutions that build a wap & mobile applicatoin.
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    PHP Functions for detecting Spiders and Small Screen Devices, two PHP functions that allow a developer to test for spiders and small screen devices.PHP Functions for detecting Spiders and Small Screen Devices can be used for useragent cloaking, delivering lite content to PDA's and cellphones, or solving any other problem that requires delivering content based on user agent.
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    2-Way SMS/EMS/Ringtone/Logo script allows you to send SMS (also long SMS), EMS, RTTTL-Ringtones, Logos (GIF, JPG, PNG) with automatic image resizing, EMS Pictures with copy protection and autosave feature, Nokia Operator Logos, Nokia Multipart messages and so on.Pictures and Ringtones can be HEX-included or specified to be downloaded from a HTTP-source. You can setup the 2-way service within minutes on ...
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    VinSMSIndia allows you to send free SMS to almost all mobile users in India using e-mail gateways. Supported Networks are:- Airtel: Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chennai (Skycell), Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (West)- Hutch: Delhi- Escotel: Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West), Kerala- BPL Mobile: Mumbai, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, ...
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    Easy SMS is meant to send SMS messages through the Net2SMS service gateway. The script Easy SMS can send sms message, request delivery report, and get the balance of credits the service account. Easy SMS does NOT require CURL but it requires PHP at least 4.3 with OpenSSL support.
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    SMS/E-Mail Ticker is based on an e-mail account. The user can use a normal e-mail client or a GSM mobile phone which can send SMS messages. The ticker messages can be displayed on a web page.
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    Iwlist Parser can be used to scan the wireless access points available to a Linux machine. It can scan all available access points or just a given access point network interface. Iwlist Parser executes the iwlist command on the actual Linux machine to scan the wireless network and parses the command results to retrieve the information about network interfaces of ...
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    Gammu can be used to control cellular phones and other types of mobile devices. This script can retrieve SMS messages stored in the device including message details such as the inbox or outbox folder, or the read, sent, unsent status. Gammu can also delete all SMS messages stored in the device, and send a new SMS message.
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    Mlswap class allows you to create your wml document using few lines of code.
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    Email 2 SMS can compose and send an e-mail message to an address of a carrier that delivers the SMS message to a client of a given mobile carrier. The SMS message can be customized for sending to a variety of handsets including those running Symbian or Android. Key Features of Email 2 SMS:- Alaska: General Communications- Argentina: Claro, Personal- ...
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    GG-Tracker GPS and GSM Tracking tracks your mobile using GSM Cell-location in combination with GPS. It uses both GPS and GSM networks to get a position. If only GSM is available it relies on location previously stored using a GPS receiver. The position is displayed on the internet using a Google Maps integration.The operation is very simular to how Google ...
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    Wapple Architect Mobilization can access to Web services API to pass the mobile device identification and retrieve information necessary to render pages adapted for the device, like the device screen size, choice of correct markup and the device capabilities.The page definition, in WAPL XML format, that is sent to the Web service, gets generated by a builder class.Requirements: PHP ...
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    The identifier used to determine the browser type is extracted from the user agent HTTP header sent by the Mobiled device.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Routo Messaging HTTP API can send an HTTP request to the Routo Messaging gateway server to send an SMS message with a given text on behalf of a given API user.The user password and other details can be configured.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP Mobile Detect is a simple PHP script to analyze the HTTP user agent request header and determine the type of mobile device. Currently the most popular mobile devices platforms that use different systems and mobile browsers: Android, Blackberry, Opera Mini, Palm, Windows Mobile, and other generic systems could be distinguished by Mobile Detect easily.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    SMS Twitter to India is composed by two classes: - one class can be used to retrieve the RSS feed of a specified Twitter account; - another class can access in the Web services API to send SMS messages with the latest Twitter status to a given mobile device of India. Requirements: - PHP 5 or Higher
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