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    Asterisk is a software package that can act as a telephone central (PABX).FloAPI classes provides means to establish a network connection to Asterisk daemon, execute commands to access and control Asterisk and retrieve the response to the commands.FloAPI classes can also register to be notified about events of interest within Asterisk so the applications can act upon such events.
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    ClickaTell API is a collection of classes for providing access to multiple ClickaTell services using their Web services API.Using very common helper libraries for ease of use, ClickaTell API can send or query messages exchanging XML messages with the Clickatell servers via HTTP.
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    OpenGraph is a protocol that makes possible to include any site page in a graph of relationships between people and web pages that they like or produced. It provides an useful solution to extract OpenGraph protocol metadata from Web site pages. This class can be used to extract OpenGraph information from sites. OpenGraph can take the URL of a given ...
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    CPF/CNPJ Validation class validates Brazilian CPF/CNPJ numbers. CPF/CNPJ Validation is just a plugin for the CPF/CNPJ. Good choice if you use this kind of software.
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    Syndication Classes provides a class for generating XML documents in general and sub-class specialized in generating RSS feeds. Currently the RSS class generates RSS feeds according to the RSS 2.0 and .9 specification. The RSS class also Validates the feed according to the version used.
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    SauSurePays is a PHP Class with functions for submitting requests and decoding responses with SurePays merchant gateway service. Current version of SauSurePays supports: Standard Credit Card and TeleCheck Requirements: - Surepay request DTD v1.0 --> pp.request, - pp.auth, - pp.address, - pp.ordertext, -, - pp.telecheck, - pp.identification, - pp.lineitem, - pp.optio, - pp.telecgt.
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    QBRDS Client allows the integration of PHP applications with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise accounting system through a SOAP to COM bridge supplied with the QBSDK. The class QBRDS Client is a wrapper around the PHP 5 SOAP client class and is used to send QBXML requests and receive QBXML responses. Users of PHP4 may adapt using the NuSOAP package ...
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    Steam Community Wrapper can retrieve games that an authenticated user has posted for sale on eBay. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    RSS parser can parse a RSS feed and extract the information of the feed items. The feed items may be processed by an external function that may perform custom actions like rendering the feed information with a custom template. The script RSS parser may cache the remote feeds in local files for a given period to avoid accessing the remote ...
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    RSS class Feed can be used to generate RSS 2.0 feeds. The script can add several properties of RSS channels and feed items like the titles, link URLs, copyright and dates. The generated RSS feed XML is returned as single string.
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    The ShipTrack script allows a user to provide a Carrier Code and Tracking Number, and receive a direct link to the results on the carrier's website. Currently Supported Carriers are:- UPS - FEDEX - ROADWAY - BAX GLOBAL - NEW PENN - ABF - REDSTAR - YELLOW - DHL - Fedex Freight East - EMERY GLOBAL - G.O.D. - Old ...
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    PHP Auto Dealer will allow you to setup an automated online showroom of your vehicle inventory that is easily maintainable from any web browser via the admin interface with no coding or FTP required. Features of PHP Auto Dealer:- unlimited custom fields, - support for multiple vehicle types, - multiple image support, - automatic thumb creation and image resizing, - ...
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    My Tweets is a WordPress sidebar widget to show all the user's latest tweets. A backend administration page is provided to configure the widget's behavior. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of My Tweets:- Cache results- Set the number of tweets- Linkify URL, hashtags and replies- Set ...
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    Gdata Google Docs was built to send HTTP requests to the GData API web servers to connect, authenticate and perform several types of operations on the user's Google Docs stored files. The script can currently create folders, get file and folder information, upload and download files, remove files and move files to a different folder. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    EPS_Cybersource can send HTTP requests to Cybersource SOAP Web services API server to perform several types of operations to process credit card payments. The script can request payment authorization, return the payment request result and request reversal of a previous request. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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