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    Facebook Twitter Linkedin status update is an open source PHP script based on Jquery, it can be used to send HTTP requests to different social networking sites to post new user status messages. Currently, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are supported by this script.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Google Weather API is created to get a location weather forecast from Google Weather Web services API server, it first send an HTTP request to the Google servers to request for the weather forecast for a given world location, and then parse the response from the Google Google Weather Web services API server and pull the weather forecast details for ...
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    xTwitter is probably the most complete twitter API written in PHP, it can be used to retrieve information, update satuses and the account of a Twitter user. This free PHP script will send HTTP requests to the Twitter API Web server on behalf of a given user and performs several types of operations. Currently, this script getting the user statuses ...
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    Facebook Chat is a PHP Chat script designed to send chat messages to friend in Facebook much easier. It will send a request authenticate on behalf of a given Facebook user. This script can retrieve the list of friends and send a chat message to a friend that is online.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or higher
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    JSON_RPC is a web service framework. It is a web service library for PHP5 and is built on PEAR::Services_JSON. It offers a simple framework for creating clients and servers that communicate over HTTP using the JSON format. It supports Basic HTTP Authentication and API discovery/inflection.
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    Zend Framework OAuth consumer package was used in this PHP script tp generate a token for accessing the Twitte API on behalf of the current siet user. Redirecting to use the Twitter site, this PHP script helps verify the user permission and handle the request to receive the validated OAuth token. Moreover, OAuth Twitter can access the Twitter API using ...
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    IP Sniffing can be used to get the geographic location of an IP address, it utilizes's service to perform location queries. This script sends an HTTP request to the Web services API to get the location of a given IP address. It can also parse the response and extracts the country code, country name and city of the ...
  8. Embed Facebook
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    Embed Facebook a WordPress plugin to request and embed Facebook pages on a blog page/post. The admin has to paste the URL of a Facebook event, album, photo, video, page, group, or note in a post or page, and the plugin will embed it on the blog. Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' ...
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    Affilinet Product Service can be used to get product information using API. It can send SOAP requests to Web services API to perform several types of operations to query information about advertiser products. There is one class that can authenticate as a given API user. Another script can get the list of categories, get the path of a ...
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    Twitter Updater can be used to update and retrieve the statuses of a Twitter user. It can send requests to the Twitter API on behalf of a given user to perform several types of operations. Currently it can update the user status, remove a given user status, and get the user time line status. The script can also shorten URLs ...
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    Google File Finder can be used to search for files in sites using Google. There is a base class that can HTTP send requests to Google to perform searches for given keywords. There are also several sub-classes that can make the searches be restricted to certain sites that host files for download. Those classes parse the results and extract the ...
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    Search results retriever can be used to perform searches on several sites. The base class can send HTTP requests to a given site to search for given terms. There are several sub-classes that specialize on searching several types of sites and parsing the returned response to extract the search results. Currently there are sub-classes for searching PubMed, Amazon, jStor, Google ...
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    Google World News Grabber grabs the lastest news items from Google news. The news gathered can be from any number of pages including using your own specific search terms! Display is in a neatly formed table, however with any HTML knowledge this can be modified quite easily. Also, the number of results can be modified.
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    Yahoo Boss Search can send a HTTP request to the Yahoo BOSS Web services server to perform a search that can be for Web pages, images or news. The number of results returned per page can be limited and the start page can be specified. Yahoo Boss Search decodes the results returned in JSON format and stores them in a ...
  15. Easy newsletter
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    Provide your own newsletter. Visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe easily. Including administration to send newsletters and add/remove email addresses. Requires MySQL.
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