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Web data clipping, SOAP or XML-RPC clients and servers
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    networknews is a class to browse and read the news articles and groups on an NNTP server.
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    RSS parsing class. Does not require XML libs or expat. Does require PHP4 with PCRE support. Results stored in a single array. Does not check for valid tags, just format. Handles RSS 0.9 and 0.91
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    CafePress Random Product will display a random product from your CafePress store. You can supply a simple template to control style, and have the output link directly to the shown product or simply to your main account.You can cache the results so you don't have to connect to the CafePress website all the time. Images can also be cached locally, ...
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    Gets the XML statistics file from SHOUTcast DNAS server.
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    Translator Class is a simple class that is meant to translate text between idioms using Google language translation services.Translator Class takes the text to be translated, its idiom and the idiom into which it is intended to obtain a translation. Then the class submits the translation request to the Google translationwebpage. The result page is parsed to extract the translated ...
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    ICQStatus is a simple class for getting icq status of an uin.
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    Babelfish Translator can translate text from one language to another using the Altavista Babelfish Web service.It takes a given text, the original idiom and the translation idiom and connects to the Babelfish site using the PHP Curl extension to retrieve the translated text.Babelfish Translator may also request to translate a page of a given URL.
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    IMDBPhotos is meant to download the poster and all images of a movie from It can fetch all images at once and store them in local cache files.
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    Shows in your web page the song that you are currently listening in Winamp, and a list of the latest songs heard. Using the "What's Playing" plug-in for Winamp 3 (available at, this script retrieves information about the current song you are hearing in your Winamp, along with a list of the latest songs you've heard.
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    Give an XML from Amazon's Web Service, this class parses the XML and creates and array of with product information.
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    PHP 5 provides an extension to provide built-in support for implementing Web services with SOAP, but it does not generate Web Services descriptions in WDSL to let SOAP clients discover how to use the available Web services.Soap Discovery generates WSDL using the reflection API of PHP 5 to reverse engineer the class definitions. It only generates RPC WSDL, not Document ...
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    Weather classes can get global weather information from the RSSWeather site.It retrieves the weather information in the form of OPML feeds that list the other OPML feeds of weather information of each country. These OPML feeds point to individual RSS 2.0 feeds of weather information of different regions of each country.Weather classes can extract and output the weather information of ...
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    Verify ID is a wrapper class that will interface with Web services to provide online identity validation in real time.
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    Google It is meant to get the latest headline from Google news site. You can choose a topic and the class will retrive the latest topic headline so you can display it in your site.
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    USPS Quote provides an interface to use the United States Postal Service's online APIs. It allows getting real time shipping quotes for domestic and international shipments.USPS Quote can retrieve information about all service types and can handle domestic and international shipments. The class requires the PHP extensions DOM XML and Curl.
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