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Web data clipping, SOAP or XML-RPC clients and servers
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    RSS 2.0 generation class is a powerful PHP class for RSS 2.0 feed generation.
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    geocode can be used to retrieve the geographic coordinates of a location. It may also be used to retrieve Javascript code to display maps of a location using Virtual Earth or Google Maps API.It uses the Geocoding tool of Emad Fanous to retrieve the necessary information by accessing the tool Web site.
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    Looking to add some great music to your PHP-Nuke site? The Unsigned artist block from will let you feature a random artist from our database in a small block on your site. Your visitors will be able to listen to a song and view information about the artist. Included info is: Artist name, picture, genre, song title, and a ...
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    Add great unsigned music to your PHP-Nuke site. All songs are hosted at the Unsigned Band Web and don't occupy any space on your servers! Plays mp3 songs in a stream.To install, just place the block in your blocks folder and activate it. Everything else is handled for you. *Just Released, Version 2.0a! New play buttons and buttom link.
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    YahooQuest can be used to generate links to pages in MapQuest and Yahoo!Maps sites that present maps and driving directions for a given address.It takes as parameters the street, city, state, zip code and country of a given address. Then it returns HTML links to the respective pages in MapQuest and Yahoo!Maps about that address.YahooQuest may also redirect the browser ...
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    PHP Base can be used to submit data files to the Google Base service. It can validate the data before it is uploaded to the Google Base via FTP.PHP Base can be extended with plugin for defining attributes and supporting multiple schemes. Currently only the Housing scheme is supported.
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    Log RSS CreatoR creates a MySQL table for site visits and writes each visit into your MySQL database. You should include the small logging script into the header or footer of site pages. The output is an RSS feed with realtime information about site visits. You can access it with your preferred RSS Reader and watch live how users enter ...
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    AIM classes can be used to submit credit card charges to the payments gateway using the AIM Web services API. This is a PHP port written from scratch of the Java class com.admc.lm.AIM .AIM classes provides functions for setting the payment details like the customer name, address, phone number, shipping address, charge amount, credit card number and expiry date.AIM ...
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    New USPS Class is an enhanced version of the original class by Adam Globus-Hoenich to provide an interface to use the United States Postal Service's online APIs.New USPS Class adds support to access three new API services: address verification, zip code lookup and city state lookup.
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    Uses geocoding data from to create a customizable Google Map that can be placed on your website in as little as 5 lines of code.
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    RSS Creator can be used to dynamically create XML RSS feed documents. It was originally written by Edd Dumbill.RSS Creator provides functions for adding items and associate an image to the feed document. It generates the feed document an stores it in a global variable.
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    phpPhrasebook is an implementation of the Phrasebook Pattern as outlined in a paper by Yonat Sharon and Rani Pinchuk.The Phrasebook pattern lets us create dictionaries of phrases. Each phrase can be accessed by a unique key. Each phrase may have placeholders. Groups of phrases are kept in a dictionary. The phrases are kept in an XML document.The provided classes are ...
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    PSIGate classes can process payment transaction requests using the PSIGate payments gateway.PSIGate classes can generate a payment request in XML format, posts it to gateway server using HTTP via a secure connection and then it parses the response in XML to extract the results.PSIGate classes requires the Curl library to post a secure request to the paymemt gateway server.
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    RSS News Reader can retrieve and parse RSS feeds. It can cache the feed information in files for 1 hour to avoid excessive accesses to a remote feed source site.
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    1739 total visits XML-RPC is meant to query Freshmeat for information about the projects registered in the site. It uses the XML-RPC interface to query XML-RPC lets you query the available software licenses, query the project branch list, query the project releases, submit a new project release and withdraw a project release.
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