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Web data clipping, SOAP or XML-RPC clients and servers
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    This tool will permit you to do some performance benchmark of any servers. HostingBenchmark are tested : - Main installation and configuration - Processor speed - Memory speed - File system speed - Upload and download capacity - Various database servers - ... You will be able to use it, modify it, and submit results to compare on the official ...
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    AJAX-based Thesaurus can be used to lookup text expressions on the server a page using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It must be used in conjunction with a few Javascript libraries that submit the page body HTML content to the server via AJAX.On the server, the class parses the HTML content to lookup for known text expressions stored in a ...
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    Today's Joke is a very simple class that can be used to retrieve the today's joke from the Web site.Today's Joke accesses the site and retrieves the today's joke page. The page contents is clipped to extract the joke text, which is returned as string.
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    EMovies can be used to retrieve information about movies exhibiting in United States theatres from Yahoo! Movies.There is one class that can retrieve and parse the listings of movies, the theatres where the movies are exhibiting and the exhibition schedules.There is also another class that can retrieve movie reviews information.
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    AHoroscope is a very simple class that retrieve today's horoscope from the site.AHoroscope takes the name of a given Zodiac sign and returns the text of the horoscope of that sign for today.
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    Jaduka API Class can be used to access a public telephone network using the Jaduka Web services API.Jaduka API Class accesses the Jaduka API Web server with a given API user and key, and executes several types of operations like:- Create virtual phone account- Recharge the PIN balance- Set the PIN status- Set calling plan by PIN- Get rates and ...
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    vRIF can be used to validate identifier numbers of companies, individuals, government institutions and passports based in Venezuela.vRIF connects to a Venezuela government site to check whether a given identifier number is valid. It returns a message indicating what kind of identifier number it corresponds when it is valid.Limitations:The code, messages and examples are in Spanish.
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    Shoutcast Info is meant to retrieve status information from a Shoutcast streaming server. It can retrieve information like currently playing track, current DJ, listeners, etc..Shoutcast Info retrieves this information by accessing the HTTP server that provides status information in an HTML page that is retrieved and parsed by this class.
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    Enom API can be used to manipulate domain registration records using the Enom Web services API. Currently Enom API can perform the following actions:- Check availability of a domain- Register a domain- Renew a domain- Transfer a domain- Get or set the DNSof a domain- Get the expiry date of a domain- Protect the identification of the owners of a ...
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    IMDB Search is a simple class that can be used to search for movie titles in the Internet Movie Database site.IMDB Search accesses the IMDB site search page submitting a query for given search keywords.IMDB Search returns an array with title and identifiers of the movies of all found occurrences.
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    Simple OpenID PHP Class can be used to authenticate users with OpenID single sign-on Web services.Simple OpenID PHP Class can set the required and optional user profile fields that the users must provide to authenticate, establish a connection to an OpenID server, redirect the user browser to the OpenID server pages, making the browser be redirected back to a given ...
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    IMDB Parser can be used to parse and extract movie information from the respective pages of the IMDB site.IMDB Parser can extract the movie title, language, country, rating, genre, director, plot, color or black and white, tag line and poster picture URL.
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    Google Translator can be used to translate texts between idioms using the Google translation site.Google Translator takes a text in one of the supported idioms and accesses the Google translation site to perform a translation to another supported idiom.Currently Google Translator supports the idioms: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
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    Brazillian Weather can be used to retrieve weather forecast details for Brazilian cities.It connects to the TempoAgora site and retrieves several details about the weather forecast of a given Brazilian city, like: the city name, weather forecast description and icon, minimum and maximum temperatures, expected rain level and wind speed, sunrise and sunset time.Limitations:The code is in Portuguese.
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    IMDb Fetch can be used to fetch information about movie titles from the IMDb site.IMDb Fetch can access the page of a given movie in the IMDB site and retrieve the movie information: identifier, name, release year, director, credits, genre, user rating, duration, a comment from a random user.IMDb Fetch can also retrieve the movie poster image into a local ...
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