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Web data clipping, SOAP or XML-RPC clients and servers
  1. Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client
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    Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client is a PHP client for the Google Analytics service. PYGA provides a way to call the tracking code with PHP code, instead of JavaScript code. It can be used with PHP servers for devices and environments where JS can't be turned on. Features of Server-Side Google Analytics PHP Client:- Page view tracker- Event tracker- Custom ...
  2. XML_Atom
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    XML_Atom is a PHP script for parsing Atom feeds which is compatible with PEAR's XML::RSS. It works by parsing an Atom XML file and extracting all the desired data like summary, content, title, link, etc.. Requirements:- PEAR's XML::Parser
  3. Caterpillar
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    Caterpillar is a PHP script for screen scraping which can be used to crawl various remote websites and scrape for desired information. It's different from other screen scrapers because it uses parallel requests for speeding up the parsing process.
  4. PHP Client for Tracking API
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    PHP Client for Tracking API is a PHP script for the Piwik Tracking API. Piwik is a open source real-time PHP web analytics program. The script can be used to easily track any visit, page view, action, goal, custom variable, or e-commerce interaction to a Piwik server, from a remote location and allows a website to run on its own ...
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    Lanyrd API Wrapper in PHP is a PHP wrapper for the Lanyrd API, which is a small PHP script that wraps the API and allows PHP developers to use Lanyrd related data inside their apps. Lanyrd is a web service for finding conferences. Features of Lanyrd API Wrapper in PHP:- Full Lanyrd search- Get Lanyrd events- Get event by ID- ...
  6. Tickspot-PHP
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    Tickspot-PHP is a PHP script for the Tickspot API which is a web service for project time tracking and budget calculation. It allows developers to access their API and retrieve various details from a Tickspot account. Features of Tickspot-PHP:- Get client list- Get project list- Get task list
  7. GrabzIt PHP Library
    193 total visits
    GrabzIt PHP Library is a PHP script which is the best way to use screenshots in your PHP website is by using our simple PHP libary. The diagnostics panel can help you debug your code! GrabzIt is very flexible and could be called from a cronjob or a PHP web page. First of all create the GrabzItClient script. Pass your ...
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    Nimbuzz Avatar Grabber is a PHP script for grabbing a Nimbuzz user's avatar image. Nimbuzz is a desktop and mobile communications network for making calls and chatting online. Just type in the desired username and it will automatically retrieve his profile image. Just download, unzip, move to a web server and access. Works out of the box.
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    PHP Requirements Checker is a PHP script that can check your hosting compliance with site requirements before install. Sometimes you need to install (or transfer) your site on to a new hosting. And it is a rare occurence that the provider can (or wants to) estimate all the requirements for your site application. Especially when your site isn't based on ...
  10. AWS SDK for PHP
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    AWS SDK for PHP is the Amazon Web Services SDK for PHP. The package allows developers to build applications that interact with Amazon Web Services tools and features. Features of AWS SDK for PHP:General Features:- AWS PHP Libraries - Build PHP applications on top of APIs that take the complexity out of coding directly against a web service interface. The ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    glip is a PHP library to interact with Git repositories. It works without even having Git installed. This means glip can be used on rented web servers where Git cannot be installed. Features of glip:- Commits- Blobs- Trees- Objects Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
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    Episode tracker can be used to get TV show episodes information from IMDB and can send HTTP requests to the unoficial IMDB API site Web server to retrieve several types of information. The script can search for TV shows by a given or similar name, retrieve the list of show episodes of check for a given episode by title.
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    YOURLS is a small set of PHP scripts that will allow a webmaster to run his own URL shortening service. Through different access rights settings, the service can be made public or kept private which comes with its own API.Features of YOURLS:- Public (everybody can create short links) or private (your links only)- Sequential or custom URL keyword- Handy bookmarklet ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    woodyWebBacker is a PHP server backup script and can compress an entire website, with its database and send it to the webmaster.Supports sending compressed data to a FTP account, via email or to an Amazon S3 account and can also be run as a cron job for automating the backup process.If the compressed archive is too large, it will automatically ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    FTP or Amazon S3 Server Backup is a PHP script for creating server backups. Compressed backups can then be sent to a remote FTP server or to an Amazon S3 account. The code is well commented enough to get you started on your own project.
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