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    class.wwwcheckup.php allows you to keep track of when websites were last updated. It will not tell you what the changes are, but just let you know that it has been changed in some way.You can display the results of hte changes, or all websites listed, in a table which shows when they were last checked and when they were last ...
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    RSS Pool can be used to aggregate items from a pool of several RSS feeds.It can monitor several RSS feeds and apply filters based on user-defined keywords. If there are any RSS feed items that match the filter rules, those can be sent them to a given e-mail address or displayed in a Web page.Additionally, RSS Pool can also create ...
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    RSS feed classretrieves a given RSS feed and regenerates it in the RSS 2.0 format. The regenerated feed gets saved to a specified file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    phpTwitter accesses Twitter site server on behalf of a given API user and perform several operations related to the Twitter status users.Features of phpTwitter:Updates the status of the userRetrieves information about the user's statusGets the details of a given userDestroys the status of an userRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    MySite with Wikipediacan be used to retrieve and edit content from pages of Wikipedia sites.MySite with Wikipedia can be used to republish content from sites based on Mediawiki without need to install Mediawiki package.
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    Amazon S3 Stream Wrapper sends HTTP requests to access Amazon S3 Web services API in order to store and retrieve files just by using fopen('s3://...') calls and using regular fwrite and fread functions to send and retrieve file contents from Amazon S3 servers.This stream wrapper class can also delete files, create, list and delete directories.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The main class takes care of abstracting the feed information, while a secondary one encapsulates the feed items information.Applications can create feed writer object, several feed item objects, set several types of properties of either feeds and feed items, and add items to the feed.Once a feed is fully composed with its items, the feed writer class can generate the ...
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    Creates a valid RSS 1.0 document.Usage:New RSS ( void )Methods:addDataSource ( dataSource ) - add new dataSource to RSS instancedataSource: array of associated arrays (item)item: associated array:-> title : title of item (str, suggest. max 100 chars for RSS 0.91 compatiblity)-> link : url that item links to (str, suggest. max 500 chars for RSS 0.91 compatiblity)-> description : info ...
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    Feed Finder Class retrieves a given page (using cURL) and parses its head section to obtain the list links to the associated RSS, ATOM and OPML links. An array is used to return the URLs of available links.Before attempting to retrieve the specified page, Feed Finder Class checks the site's robots.txt file first to see if it is allowed to ...
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    Yahoo Boss can send requests to the Yahoo Boss API Web services server to perform requests for Web pages, images and news articles.A SimpleXMLElement object that applications can traverse is used to return the results.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    wsCStockFinder can be used to retrieve quotes from Bovespa stock exchange in Brazil. It accesses the Web page of Bovespa site to retrieve the company stock quotes given the respective code.
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    PHP Fetch takes a specified user identifier, fetches the respective author page and extracts their list of published classes, as well as their age, country, home page and ranking position.Regular expressions are used to extract the author information.
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    Grab Gmail Address Book can be used to grab the contact lists of an Gmail user.Grab Gmail Address Book can authenticate in Google with the user name and password of a given account. Then it can retrieve the contact lists from the Gmail user address book.The retrieved contact lists are parsed and returned as arrays.
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    Utility functions for walking the parse tree are included.
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    PHP Universal Feed Parser can parse a feed given its URL and extract the details of the feed channel and the lists of items which are returned in arrays.The format of the feed (RSS 1.0, 2.0 or ATOM) is automatically detected.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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