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    RSS HTMLizer can generate HTML pages from content retrieved from an RSS feed.The HTML is generated using template files that define how each RSS feed entry is displayed. The class uses the Magpie library to fetch and parse the RSS feed data.
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    RSS_PHP can load and parse XML documents from local files or remote documents via HTTP, automatically detecting the document character set encoding. Arrays can also be converted to XML documents and back.The document nodes may be searched by tag, value, or using XPath query expressions. Loaded XML documents may be modified and saved back in the XML format.Requirements: PHP 5.0 ...
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    karatag Google Translation takes as parameters the URL of a page, the idiom of the text in that page and the idiom that you want to translate the page.The URL of the Google Translate page for translating text into the target idiom is returned.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP Lenex 2 can be used to parse swimming information in the Lenex 2 XML format. Information can be events, results, ranking and much more.There are several classes for parsing and processing data stored in Lenex files that is extracted into related objects.
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    Simple RSS Feed Creator takes a nested associative array that describes all the details of the feed channel like the title, description, URL, and the feed items. Then it generates the whole feed XML at once.After passing the initial feed channel definition, the feed items can be added dynamically.
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    HTTP class with support for configuring an HTTP proxy and connection debugging generation is used to obtain the information.Key Features of Freshmeat project query class:- Retrieval of project information from records provided by Freshmeat in XML.- Parsing project XML records to extract all the relevant data.- Caches retrieved project information in disk files for at least the next day to ...
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    RSS Builder provides you classes for creating a RSS file of versions 0.91, 1.0 and 2.0.RSS Builder includes support for Dublin Core and SY modules.
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    Asmall class that turns a physical address into a query. is a service which displays maps for most any internation region.
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    Getting a feed from another Web site, should be quick and simple. Any unneeded complications should be avoided. RSS_feed class provides way to retrieve feeds in RSS/XML format and display them on a Web page.There are several versions of RSS/RDF. However, in practice, all versions follow the same pattern: A publication link is contained within "item" tags and consists of ...
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    Link Collector is meant to generate pages of sites with links to pages listed in a file based database.The links may be listed with sample pictures, making it ideal to list links to remote image galleries. The format of the listings is defined with simple text templates the determine what information is displayed and its presentation layout.
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    This class can be used to get statistics from Open Source projects from site. It connects to the Web site and invokes the Web services API to retrieve several types of information:Key Features of Ohloh API:- Get the list of all projects- Get information about an account given its identifier or the associated e-mail address- Get details about ...
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    An array with the forecast details is returned.Key Features of Current City Weather:- Current Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius- Current Condition image- Current Condition text- Humidity- Dew Point in Fahrenheit and Celsius- Wind speed in MPH and K/PH- Wind Direction- Wind gusts in MPH and K/PH- Barometric pressure- Current visibility- Current Ultra-Violet index- Cloud height in feet and meters- Elevation ...
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    The RSSFeed class makes RSSFeed classes possible to create a well-formed RSS feedfor your Web site. IRSSFeed classes can be easily be included into your code.
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    An RSS 2.0 feed is composed by defining the channel details and items.Little RSS class returns the XML of the RSS feed as strings that can be concatenated to form the complete RSS feed XML document.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTTP requests to login with a specified user name and password and retrieve the contents of a given folder, are send. The folder listing is returned in an array that describe the files and sub-folders contained in the given start folder.The listing of files may include the URLs to download each of the them.
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