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Free and open source PHP Web Search Scripts. Web Search scripts are aimed at adding an internal search functionality to your site.
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    Did You Mean takes an expression composed of one or more words and performs a search on Google.If Google search results page suggests an alternative words with eventually correct spelling, the class returns the suggested words.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Crawler can access Web pages, parse the pages HTML and extract the URLs of the links and the images. Opening a login page and authenticating with specified credentials is also possible in order to access restricted content.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Binary search can search for a given identifier in a file that has lines that contain only the identifier and a value separated by a tab character.A binary search algorithm is used to narrow the search for a specified identifier, which is good when dealing with large files.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    EasyWebFetch is a simple class for web fetching from your application. It is an alternative if your server doesn't have PHP with curl enabled, or the PHP configuration doesn't allow opening URLs with fopen(). EasyWebFetch fetch a web page by opening socket connection to remote host, so it has no dependencies and should work on any server configuration.Features of EasyWebFetch:- ...
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    Google Hacks can be used to search the Internet for certain types of files. It accesses the Google Web search pages and submit search queries with special syntax to return lists of files of certain types.Currently Google Hacks can perform searches for: music files, ebook files, video files, application program archives, and text font files. It returns arrays of the ...
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    Search and Replace class is a class that enables the search/replace of files.Search and Replace class can perform the search over one file, multiple files, entire directories with/without subdirectories. It also can search using four different search functions, supporting ereg and preg regular expressions.Search and Replace class can be easily used in your own applications.
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    Simple Google Custom Business Search Script is a very simple search script to integrate the Google Custom Search API into a website. It was written for php5, and only requires the use of php5's simpleXML library.
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    This free Google website search script is easy to install, free to use, and offers all the robust local web site search features of popular search engines like Google or Yahoo.The free PHP Google site search is appropriate for all PHP enabled web servers (Linux, UNIX or windows-based servers). This search script is perfect for small to medium sized websites. ...
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    Run your own Internet search engine, using this FREE DOWNLOAD able, fully customizable script. Just download, upload to your server & follow the instructions in the Read-me file, and you will have a live search engine in under 5 minutes on your site, powered by Dhoondho Labs - The search engine company. - This free version is limited to ...
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    RiSearch PHP - free search script for small sites (up to 5000 pages). Does not requre database for index storage. Main features of RiSearch PHP: - template driven output, - indexing via the local filesystem or via http, - simple and convenient query language.
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    Search Keywords can be used to retrieve the search words entered by an user in a search engine site that lead the user to the current page.Search Keywords can parse the HTTP_REFERER CGI variable if present. Then it can detect which search engine site lead the user to the current page, and extract the search words.Currently the following engines are ...
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    Ape Search is a search class that find a keyword in all files on a dir and it's subdirs whitout htdig or any index service, it's slower than them, but you will need it when you can't install anything else on the server.Ape Search works with PHP4 or later versions.
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    clsGoogleApi is meant to search the Web or anything else indexed by Google using its Web services API. With this class you process the search results in any way that suits your needs.
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    Fetch Link Class uses text parsing and no regular expressions to find and extract every link in a webpage. This class is suitable for developers who want to develop spider and crawler programs.
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    Google Dancer is meant to query different Google servers and analyse the results to determine if their search index is being updated. This index update is also known as Google Dance.This class checks whether Google is dancing making three types of tests: counting the number of links pointing to a set of domains, counting the number of indexed pages of ...
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