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Free and open source PHP Web Hosting Tools Scripts. These scripts allow you to manage webhosting clients.
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    DCOP calls for PHP can be used to execute actions in KDE applications running in a local desktop machine.It establishes a DCOP protocol connection to retrieve the list of currently running KDE based applications, as well the list of actions supported by a given application. Then it can validate arguments and execute any of the supported application actions.You can for ...
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    Unreal script is an utilityclass (PHP4 only) to do serverstatus-queries against UnrealTournament servers.
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    Size is a simple class that can be used to retrieve the available space in a disk partition given its path.Size can retrieve the disk size, free space and used space. It supports also retrieving the disk space on a Windows drive given the respective letter based disk path.
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    Logs the date, ip, script name, additional text. Additionally, display_log(), does not log duplicate entries within $toler seconds, resolves real ip for proxies.To use to log access to a php script or events by client.Notice: make sure that the log file has write privilege for Web server.
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    Use CCodeRed to show the attempts of the CodeRed Worm to infect your webserver. This code should work with all webserver using the Apache-logfile format.
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    CNimda class allows you to show the attempts of the new NIMDA Worm to infect your webserver. This code should work with all webserver using the Apache-logfile format. Now also scanning after "MSADC/root.exe" and "scripts/root.exe" when checking your log files.
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    clsDaemonize is intended to automate the creation of system daemons proceses under Unix like operating systems or those with POSIX compliant API like Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc... It can fork a new process using the PHP pcntl extension and detach from the starting shell so it can exit without killing the daemon process.clsDaemonize can maintain a ...
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    Display Logfile can format and display the lines of log files.The log file may be processed and displayed with the following features:- Display the lines by order of appearance in the log file or by reverse order- Display all log file lines or only upto a limited number of lines- Break lines that exceed a given number of characters- Retrieve ...
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    Server status class can connect to a server given its IP address and port to determine if it is running and accepts connections.
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    UD Server Status is a simple class that can determine the status of a TCP server by attempting to establish a connection. It returns the name of an icon image file that reflects whether the given server status is up or down.
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    CLI is a(C)command (L)ine (I)nterface - shell argument parsing and handling class. Features of CLI classes:- automatic required arguments detection, - handling of switches without values, - automatic help page display, - support for unlimited number of arguments, - support for multiple instances of the same arguments and more.
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    The htaccess class manages the htaccess functions of Apache Webservers. Without knowing much knowledge of Apache, users can be added or deleted, groups can be created and deleted, .htaccess files can be created with this class etc.
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    Apache log parser can be used to parse Apache log files in the common log format. It opens a given log file and parses each line at once. The values of the fields of each log line are returned in an associative array. Features of Apache log parser:- Fetch by IP- Fetch by Request- Fetch Requests by IP- Fetch Request ...
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    With a little configuration and easy to install PHP Site Check Script will give your website visitors the ability to check the availability of http, ftp, smtp and pop3 ports right from your website. Download the script at our website.
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    web-cp is a full-featured, GPL-licensed web hosting control panel written in PHP. It consists of 4 control panels - personal, domain, reseller and server. web-cp allows domain owners to add new users and aliases and allows users to update their personal information. Resellers can control their domain accounts and the server administrator controls all functionality. Scripting, shell access, SSI, etc ...
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