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Free and open source PHP Web Hosting Tools Scripts. These scripts allow you to manage webhosting clients.
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    Visualize Apache Server Status can be to retrieve and parse Apache server status information. It retrieves the page generated by the server status module of Apache for a given domain.Visualize Apache Server Status parses the server status page and returns statistics details in an array.Currently Visualize Apache Server Status returns the details of the request process identifier, mode of operation, ...
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    Windows Registry classes can be used to store and retrieve the values of keys from the Windows registry. It uses a COM object to create, read, write and delete values of Windows registry keys.Windows Registry classes can also access sub-keys, retrieve their names, split the key path and get key value types.
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    cPanel Sub-domains Creator can be used to create sub-domains for hosting accounts managed by cPanel. It can access the cPanel administration Web interface pages on behalf of an administrator user.cPanel Sub-domains Creator accesses the cPanel page for adding a sub-domain for a given root domain.
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    cPanel API can be used to list and manage details of cPanel hosting accounts.cPanel API can establish a secure connection to a cPanel server and enumerate, create and remove email and FTP accounts, domains, email forwarders and auto-responders, and databases, as well as change passwords, quotas, and cPanel settings.
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    cPanel Tools can be used to manage cPanel hosting accounts. It can access the administration pages of cPanel installation Web server on behalf of a given administrator user, and executes several types of cPanel management operations.Currently cPanel Tools can manage account e-mail addresses, auto-responders, domain parking, addons, sub-domain redirection, databases, user accounts, .htaccess access file directives, and file permissions.
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    Filebase can be used to retrieve information about the current Web server setup.Filebase can determine the server machine OS, the Web server document root path, the current script path, and the PHP include path.
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    Page Ripper can be used to retrieve and alter remote Web pages.Page Ripper can retrieve HTML pages from remote sites and extract parts of the HTML data and optionally replace with new values.
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    WMSServer can be used to retrieve statistics of usage of a Windows Media server.WMSServer uses a Windows COM object to connect to a Windows Media server given a its host name and user name and password to retrieve the statistics.WMSServer can retrieve many types of statistics regarding the users connected to the Windows Media server, bandwidth usage, protocol type usage, ...
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    Apache 2 log file parser class can be used to parse common log format files generated by Apache 2.Apache 2 log file parser reads an Apache log file into an array. Each log file line can be parsed to retrieve the request details: IP address, date, HTTP method, URI, response status code and user agent.
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    Simple Server provides an interface for implementing TCP socket servers by handling the connections, sending and retrieving data to the clients that connect to the server.Simple Server has the ability buffer the data received from the clients. The data may be returned to the calling script in smaller chunks split by a given divider character sequence.Simple Server is convinient for ...
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    One of the biggest pains in hosting a website comes when you realize that you need to switch servers, or mirror a website. Ideally your initial server should do you just fine, but theres always those times when you find a better deal, the initial server gets hacked and you need to move, or for whatever reason you need to ...
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    IPC Shared Memory is a package that can be used to share information between different processes using several types of shared memory containers.A few shared memory container classes are provided implementing the same interface: file based, SysV shm, MySQL record.The interface has functions for atomically fetching or storing shared memory data and also functions to start or finish transactions that ...
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    PHP script cPanel X can be used to manage cPanel hosting accounts. It establishes a connection to a Web server with the pages for managing an hosting environment and emulates the actions of a cPanel administrator user.Currently this script can add and remove e-mail accounts or sub-domains.
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    Daemon Emulation can be used to create and manage daemon processes.Daemon Emulation starts a new child process that is left asleep while the main process runs. After some time the main process wakes up the child and exits. The child starts another child process which gets is left asleep while its parent process runs and so on.Daemon Emulation requires the ...
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    3SS CPanel can be used to manage accounts of Web hosting clients of systems using the CPanel application.3SS CPanel can call functions of CPanel API to manage domains, accounts, packages, etc.. It can create, kill, suspend and unsuspend hosting or reseller accounts.
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