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Free and open source PHP Web Hosting Tools Scripts. These scripts allow you to manage webhosting clients.
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    PHP-Simple-Daemon is a script to run PHP as a daemon on POSIX systems. The daemon will run in the OS' background as a process that accepts connections and acts on them. For every connection, the daemon creates a new process. Documentation is provided with the package's README file. The code is also very well commented. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- ...
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    PondTunes is a PHP library for retrieving data from the Apple iTunes Store. It can query, retrieve and embed data hosted on iTunes with the PondTunes library. Features of PondTunes:- Search data on iTunes- Manipulating result sets- Get an items iTunes details (type, country, name, artist, etc.) Requirements:- PHP 5.3.2 or Higher Limitations:- Still under development. Functionality and structure may ...
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    SSIM-lite is the free version of SSIM which is a File Integrity Monitor or site Intrusion Detection System. Its purpose is to scan the files and directories of your website looking for changes. If SSIM-lite finds anything that has been modified, added or deleted it will produce a report telling you exactly what has happened. SSIM-lite is useful for detecting ...
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    Monolog is a logging utility for PHP 5.3. Just point it to an action and have it log away, including many handlers, log formatters and processors. Documentation is included with the download package. Features of Monolog:Log levels:- Debug- Info- Warning- Error- Critical- Alert Handlers for:- Graylog2 servers- Syslog- Swift Mailer- PHP mail() function- MongoDB- ChromePHP library- FirePHP library- PHP streams- ...
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    ZeroBin is a PHP-based pastebin application. Unlike other pastebins, ZeroBin encrypts data on client-side via JavaScript, so the server never knows what data is being stored. Features of ZeroBin:- Easy to install- No database required- Easy to use: Paste text, click “Send”, share the URL- Data is compressed and encrypted in the browser before sending to the server- Uses 256 ...
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    PHProxy is a web proxy for bypass proxy restrictions and get access to the Web sites blocked by PHP web host.
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    Softaculous is a scripts auto-installer for web hosting accounts. It allows web hosting companies to provide users with an automated solution for installing complex web applications. An auto-installer can be used to install scripts and software without the user having to upload files. All files and database operations are handled by the Softaculous script. Softaculous supports over 200 PHP and ...
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    TheHostingTool is an open-source web hosting script. It allows server owners to create, administrate and receive payments for their hosting services. It's basically a client manager, focused on web hosting services.Features of TheHostingTool:- Fully compatible with cPanel/WHM- Limited support for DirectAdmin- P2H (Post2Host) Signup/Monthly with support for most popular forum software.- Complete AJAX order form! Almost everything is done when ...
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    Stati for Shoutcast is a webbased program that allows you to setup information scripts about your shoutcast server.
  10. analog
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    Analog is a short and simple logging script based on the idea of using closures for configurability and extensibility. It functions as a static script, but you can completely control the writing of log messages through a closure function. This script also comes with a dozen pre-written handlers in the Analog/Handlers folder, with examples for each in the examples folder.Requirements:- ...
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    NConf is a PHP based web-tool for configuring the Nagios monitoring software. It differs from similar tools by offering enterprise-class features like templates, dependencies and the ability to configure a large-scale, distributed Nagios server topology. It is mainly targeted at sysadmins, who already know Nagios, but are looking for a more convenient way of managing their configuration files. Features of ...
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    Lightning Notes is a simple web-logging system, created as a proof-of-concept. Fully standards compliant and accessible, it is designed to quickly set up a functional and structured site to conveniently track related and unrelated items.It is written in PHP, using a flat-file, XML database, outputting an XHTML page with CSS skins. Features of Lightning Notes:- Text-input with Textile- XHTML-output with ...
  13. WP SlimStat
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    This is a web and traffic analytics plugin for WordPress. After installation and configuration, the plugin will keep track of all important analytics inside the WP core itself. A dashboard widget with charts, timeline evolution graphs and a World map is accessible in the backend. Features of WP SlimStat:- Support for both InnoDB and MyISAM (autodetect)- Visit tracking (user sessions ...
  14. Backup Sites and DBs
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    This PHP script can backup sites and DBs that will dump all your sites and databases every dat into a backup folder.
  15. Ramui web hosting directory script
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    Ramui web hosting directory script is a specially designed CMS script to list the websites offering web hosting service. Ramui web hosting directory script is written in PHP and supports MySQL database to run its system.Features of Ramui web hosing directory script:- Easy to install;- User friendly control panel;- Only registered user can post a new web hosting service and ...
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