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Free and open source PHP Web Hosting Tools Scripts. These scripts allow you to manage webhosting clients.
  1. Tophostzz – Web Hosting Review Script
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    Start earning money easily by recommending customers to web hosting services like Hostgator, Bluehost and Hostmonster . Hostgetor pay $125 per customer and Bluehost pay $65 per customer. This script lets you add your affiliate links and earn money without much work.Main features of Tophostzz – Web Hosting Review Script:- SEO friendly URL’s- 100% Unencrypted source code.- Easily customizable- Free ...
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    A simple PHP script to help webmasters make the proper changes to a WordPress database when migrating from one domain to the otherMigrating WordPress sites is not incredibly difficult compared to other CMSs, but it's complicated enough to crash your installation if you forget one or more steps.The Migrate script was created to automate the process of replacing the older ...
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    You can now start your very own Web Hosting Directory using PHP Hosting Directory. A script based in PHP and mySQL that will allow you to build your own hosting directory from scratch. It's simple and easy to setup, and can easily be adjusted using your own custom template. There are separate template files for the script and it is ...
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    The Freelancers script allows anyone to run a professional site like only large companies could until now.How it works is that people looking for freelance work ("providers") signup, and companies ("buyers") looking for professionals post their projects on your site. Providers bid on the projects, the buyer picks the bid he likes, and the project begins. You can take any ...
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    PHP Hosting Biller 2.0 is software that allows you to manage webhosting clients, Adding new clients, Automation of your webhosting ordering system. It has a number of features.Script Features:- Template Based.- Supports Paypal and 2Checkout Payments.- Customizable.- Released under GNU/GPL License.- Template Based Easily Editable.- Supports Different Languages.- Available with Open Source Code.- Supports Unlimited Customers and Staff.- Easy installation ...
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    Mapper is a PHP script for handle maps with linkable symbols inside; the symbols can have great flexibility of shape, color, dimension and type of interaction.
  7. CrossData
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    CrossData is a script creates an HTML table or a PHP array, crossing two fields of a MySQL table. Crossing is from simple count of occurrence and percentage to some group functions on a third field.
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    mini.PHP is a collection of PHP scripts for common development tasks. Each mini.PHP script can work as a stand-alone or used together with the others. Usage instructions are included with the package README file. Features of mini.PHP:Included scripts:- Template engine- Database interaction- Form processing- Login system- Session management
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    This is a PHP script for counting and displaying simple data of web site traffic. Records and displays number of site visits and unique visitors, in the current and previous day, the number of online visitors in the last 60 seconds; as well as the top visits, visitors and record of online visitors, also, the IP of the current visitor. ...
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    WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool. It is not limited to just web hosting, any business with a need for online billing, particularly of a recurring nature, for example services or memberships, then WHMCS can be a perfect solution.WHMCS ...
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    phpcpd is a duplicate (dupes) and copy/paste detector for PHP code. Its obvious usage is to check for duplicate code in a PHP project. It will scan the entire project's source and report the percentage and location of duplicate code lines. What's New in This Version:- Added dependency.
  12. Web Shell Detector
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    Web Shell Detector is a Web-based tool for identifying PHP shells. Besides PHP, it can also detect Perl CGI, ASP and ASPX shells. It is packed with the script is a file signature database for identifying known shell files. When a suspicious file is detected, the user has the option to submit it for analysis. To access the default installation, ...
  13. SilverSmith
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    SilverSmith is CLI tool for the SilverStripe CMS. It was created for reducing development time of SilverStripe-based websites. It creates a project structure for running a basic SilverStripe installation. Giving SilverSmith additional commands, entire pages, filled with content, will be created. SilverSmith can be installed on a per project basis, or globally so all SilverStripe projects can use it. Features ...
  14. PHP Socializer
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    PHP Socializer is a simple PHP library for easily embedding social sharing buttons. The library reduces the overhead of studying various APIs, just to include a few measly social buttons on a web page. PHP Socializer greatly simplifies working with online social networks and allows developers to create and embed the buttons with a few lines of code inside their ...
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    Bot Monitor alerts you when search engines spider your websites, sends you an email containing details of the page the bot the ip address and the time & date of the visit. It can also be set to store these ina database of which you could retreive and display on your site to show your visitors or yourself how often ...
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