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Movies and video data generation and manipulation
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    GIF images into animated GIF with native PHP class can be used to generate a GIF animation from a set of individual frames in GIF image format.The class takes as input parameters the list of GIF frame image files, the animation delay between each frame, the horizontal and vertical offset of each frame image. It combines all image frames and ...
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    IMDB Search is a simple class that can be used to search for movie titles in the Internet Movie Database site.IMDB Search accesses the IMDB site search page submitting a query for given search keywords.IMDB Search returns an array with title and identifiers of the movies of all found occurrences.
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    IMDB Parser can be used to parse and extract movie information from the respective pages of the IMDB site.IMDB Parser can extract the movie title, language, country, rating, genre, director, plot, color or black and white, tag line and poster picture URL.
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    dGifAnimator can be used to generate a GIF animation from individual GIF frame image files.dGifAnimator reads a set of given GIF image frame files and generates a single animated GIF saving it to a file or generate it as the current script output.The delay between each animated frame, the transparent color and the loop options can be configured.&nsparent; t;
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    Image Flag Effect can be used to process a source image and generate a sequence of animation image frames that implement the waving flag effect.Image Flag Effect can process small images with size of up to 200x200 pixel. The generated animation frames can be used to build a single animated GIF file.
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    IMDb Fetch can be used to fetch information about movie titles from the IMDb site.IMDb Fetch can access the page of a given movie in the IMDB site and retrieve the movie information: identifier, name, release year, director, credits, genre, user rating, duration, a comment from a random user.IMDb Fetch can also retrieve the movie poster image into a local ...
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    Podcast Parser can be used to parse and generate RSS feeds for podcasts.Podcast Parser can parse the XML of a podcast feed and return the feed data in an associative array. It can also do the opposite, generate the XML document of a RSS feed for a podcast described with an associative array.
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    Quicktime Reference Movie is made of several class for composing and generating Quicktime format files that reference movies one or more movie streams.Quicktime Reference Movie supports nearly all reference movie features defined in the Quicktime format specification like movie stream URL, recommend connection data rate and CPU speed.
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    IMDBPhotos is meant to download the poster and all images of a movie from It can fetch all images at once and store them in local cache files.
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    IMDBSearch is capable of searching the Internet Movie DataBase to retrieve the details the specified movies. It also comes with scripts for storing the movie details in a local database.
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