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Free and open source PHP scripts about Validation algorithms.Anti-spam, CAPTCHA, form validation provided
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    Securimage PHP CAPTCHA is a highly customizable PHP CAPTCHA script for generating CAPTCHA images to prevent programs from filling out your forms. Securimage does everything from generating images to validating codes. It has support for streaming MP3 audio of the code to the user's browser with Flash. TTF font support, character distortion, custom colors and backgrounds, use wordlists or custom ...
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    W3C Validation API can send a HTTP request to the W3C validation Web server to request to validate an HTML page with given URL.The response is parsed and any validation errors are returned.Requirements: PHP 4.1 or higher
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    Image CAPTCHA retrieves images from a server side directory and displays obfuscated versions to the user along with radio buttons to let the user pick the one that corresponds to the right answer.Automatic thumbnails can also be generated for each of the images. Image CAPTCHA may also play alternative audio samples for visually impaired users.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    As long as errors are found, the form will be displayed again and again. TM::Apeform is optimized to be used with the minimum amount of source code.Key Features of TM::Apeform:- The usage is not different from the creation, validation and processing of the form values that the user entered. Everything is done in a single script.- The class hides the ...
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    Secure HTML parser and filter,XSS,CSRF is a general purpose parser class to parse any type of markup documents such as HTML, XML and DTD, is included. There are several other classes that can be chained together to retrieve the document token elements returned by the main markup parser class and filter the document elements in an useful way.The markup validator ...
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    JMBG can parse JMBG number to validate it and extract the citizen birthday date, age, country and region of birth and gender.A checksum to create a new valid JMBG number can also be computed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Image Upload and Validation can take the name of a given form file input and retrieve the information about an image file uploaded via Web forms. Image file sizes, width, height and the file name extension can be validated.Image Upload and Validation can also deleted previously uploaded files with the same name and move the uploaded file to a given ...
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    CAPTCHA Arg can generate a random text and generate an image with the text rendered over a base background image. The image gets saved in PNG format to a local file on the webserver.CAPTCHA Arg can also verify the validation text, as well as generate HTML to display the image along a form text input to let the user enter ...
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    EAValidator can check a given e-mail address by verifying if it matches a regular expression with a pattern of valid e-mail addresses.EAValidator can also check if an e-mail address domain exists by attempting to open a connection to it.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A checksum is calculated for a given resident identifier number, to verify whether it may be a valid number with Validate Saudi ID. It returns either 1 (for Saudis), 2 (for non-Saudis) or FALSE (for invalid numbers). Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    There is a base class that can display a text message to tell the user what he needs to input. An expression with a random math operation between two number values is generated by a math subclass. The user must enter the result of the operation to pass the CAPTCHA validation. The correct answer is stored in session variables for ...
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    This is a no frills, light weight and secure contact form script. Image validation (Captcha) eliminates most of the contact form abuse and spam. Installation is very easy. Form can be easily integrated within existing site layout.
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    Validation of strings, integers, arrays, objects, resources, dates and ISBN numbers is supported in QValidation. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    After the test form is submitted a key entered by the user in a text field is compared by the class to determine whether it matches the text in the picture. An array is used to pass configuration settings to the class when the object instance is initialized. HN CAPTCHA only needs two function calls to be used: display_form() and ...
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    The randomly generated text is rendered as an image and is obfuscated with various lines. The generated image is stored in a given directory and the text is stored in a session variable for posterior validation. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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