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Free and open source PHP scripts about Validation algorithms.Anti-spam, CAPTCHA, form validation provided
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    Math Guard can be used to perform CAPTCHA validation presenting simple mathematical expressions to the users to make it difficult for robots to pass a form being validated. It displays a mathematical expression of a sum between two random numbers and asks the user to enter the result in a text form input. Math Guard generates an hash of the ...
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    This class can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation.It can generate an image with random validation text on it obfuscated by a given background image.The generated image is stored in JPEG format in an a given directory. The validation text is stored in session variable for posterior validation.
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    This class can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation.It can generate an image with a random validation text over a noise background.The generated image is served as the current script output in JPEG or PNG format.The class returns the rendered text string for later validation. It uses a configurable TrueType font to render the text. The text color, ...
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    DEA Captcha can be used to display CAPTCHA images and validate forms that use them to verify whether the user is really a human or a robot. It can generate an image with a random text taken from a text file. The text is rendered using TrueType fonts over a background of random faded text letters and background images. The ...
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    This class can be used to Generate and validate CAPTCHA images.It can generate an image with a random text made of hexadecimal digits.The class stores the text in a session variable for posterior verification.The image is served as the current script output in PNG format.
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    DRBImageVerification is a simple anti-spam image verification, or CAPTCHA, script. It allows you to add a challenge-response test to your existing PHP powered forms to prevent automated spam postings.Features:- Quick and easy to install.- Verification string length and character list are configurable.- Requires a session cookie, for additional obscurity.- Includes an example PHP page demonstrating how to add a verification ...
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    This class was created to hold a range of dates and make it easy to check if a given date is within that range. You can also set a series of dates to be excluded from this range.For example, create a range of "December 21, 2007" to "March 21, 2008" and call it "Spring." You could then check to see ...
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    We've provided this form to mail handler in response to a specific request, but anybody is welcome to use it. All we would ask in return is that you credit us with a link to from somewhere on your site. Perhaps on your form thankyou page? This form processor takes GET and POST form submissions, and emails them to ...
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    This class can be used to filter request values by type. It is able to process GET and POST request variables to determine if they match any given type.The class returns the original values or default values if the request values do not match the expected type.Currently the class supports filtering strings to remove tags and add escaping slashes, integers ...
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    Oziam Captcha is a PHP class that can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation. It generates an image with a random text obfuscated by a noise background image and random ellipse shapes. The text shown in the image is stored inside a session variable for validation need. Requirement: PHP 5 or Higher
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    OpenCaptcha is a php script designed to dynamically create a captcha image in .png form. It uses a randomly chosen background to start with, then chooses a random string of a randomly chosen length, color, size, font, and orientation. Then it adds randomly coloured and placed lines to create an image that computers can't easily interpret.With OpenCaptcha, you can easily ...
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    A powerful open source PHP form processor that allows for rapid development and usage, as well as protecting your website forms from various hacking attacks.The form validation and processing is all done using an easy to use xml based markup language.
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    Lexperts Contact Form is the most easy to use contact form.Features:- All fields have a validation script.- Captcha validation check (Anti spam).- Phone number validation.- Add, edit and delete subjects.- You can edit your error messages.- The form style can be integrated into your existing website Stylesheet.- Very easy to integrate into any existing PHP page on your website.- You ...
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    To include it into an application, just use include or a derivative function.What's New in This Release:- changed HTTP version from 1.1 to 1.0 (with thanks to Jan De Poorter).- No longer issues a separate HTTP request to check validity of the API key with every instantiation.- Added a new public method 'isKeyValid' to manually check validity of the API ...
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    This is intended as a simple and compact method for adding Akismet protection to any user-submitted content, and avoid Internet bots and spam submissions.It was built using the information and examples on the Akismet API page.
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