PHP Validation

Free and open source PHP scripts about Validation algorithms.Anti-spam, CAPTCHA, form validation provided
  1. Validate form elements
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    This PHP script is used to validate values of types submitted from a form. It takes an array with the values and validation rules that should be verified to check if the values are valid. It can check for empty values, e-mail addresses, URLs, integer, string, extensions, IP addresses and uploaded files. The class returns the lists of errors associated ...
  2. param
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    This PHP Script is used to validate and filter request values. It allows you to define a parameter or a list of parameters that must be read from POST or GET variables. param script can also filter values with a maximum length, discard values that seem to be used for SQL injection attempts and assume a default value for missing ...
  3. Simple PHP Upload
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    This PHP script is created to validate and process uploaded files. It is used to validate a given uploaded file to check whether there was not an upload error, the file size is under a given limit, the file name extension is one of the allowed.Simple PHP Upload script can also move the uploaded file to a given directory if ...
  4. Another Form generator
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    This PHP script is created to generate and validate HTML Forms, it first add inputs of the basic types to the composition of the form, and then generate HTML to present the form. Another Form generator script assigns different validation rules to verify a separate class for each imput. Each input may have its own label and error messages to ...
  5. allowHTML
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    This PHP script is mainly used to filter insecure HTML code using the OWASP AntiSamy rules. It can parse HTML documents using DOM document objects and then remove unsafe tags, attributes and CSS parameters. You can change the whitelist in configrration file to detemine which tags, attributes and css style parameters are allowed. This script may also apply filtering rules ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script can be used to create a smart intelligent CAPTCHA field. It provide a smart question to authenticate users as a human. It can generate a question from a list of few possibilities picking random values of colors or numbers. The correct answer is stored in a session variable for subsequent verification.Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or higher
  7. No Screenshot
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    This is a PHP script to chekc if an email is valid using the SMTP protocol. This script connects to an SMTP server defined in the MX records of the domain of the address to validate. It simulates the delivery of a message to see if the given ecipient address is accepted as valid. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
  8. No Screenshot
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    This PHP Scripts can parse a Singapore National Registration Card Identity number (NRIC) and verify its validity.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or higher
  9. No Screenshot
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    PHP Form Validation aims to make it easy to add validations to your form. a set of "validation descriptors" with each element in the form were created and associated, the "validation descriptor" is a string specifying the type of validation to be performed. Each field in the form can have 0, 1, or more validations. You can associate a set ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    Validation Class RoyalHeart can be used to validate string values. In can take one or more string values and validated them according to multiple validation rules. Currently it can validate values for not being empty, match a regular expression, have a length between given limits, not having a string appear more than a given number of times, represent a value ...
  11. Image-Based CAPTCHA for PHP
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    Confident CAPTCHA is a unique, image-based CAPTCHA that stops spam and bots in a way that is easy and intuitive for your Web site visitors. Rather than forcing people to decipher warped and distorted characters or words, Confident CAPTCHA presents a grid of randomly-generated pictures and simply asks the user to click on specific pictures to verify that they are ...
  12. XHTML_Validator
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    The XhtmlValidator can be used to validate XHTML documents. It uses only the expat extension functions always available under since PHP 3 and it does not need other external XML processing extensions.The class parses the documents and check whether the tags and attributes used by the documents are allowed within the XHTML standard. If validation errors are found, highlighted error ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    This class can be used to validate credit card numbers. It checks the integrity of the number by using the mod 10 algorithm. The class can also check a credit card number of a given card type by looking at the number prefix. Currently it can check whether the card type is: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover or ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    This class uses the WDDX format to describe data for generating user interfaces.From the WDDX data, any type of markup, including XUL, can be generated using XSLT. The generated markup can describe an entry form, for example.The data entered by the users in the generated forms can be validated on the client-side using javascript, or on the server-side by PHP ...
  15. Password format validator
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    This class can be used to verify whether a given password meets several types of security requirements.It can perform several types of independent checks like: minimum and maximum length, existence of at least one non-letter character, use of white space, use of upper or lower case characters and arbitrary regular expression matching.After one or more functions are called the class ...
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