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  1. RRoEmbed
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    RRoEmbed is a PHP script for the OEmbed format. This format makes embedding media much more easier. It allows an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites. This script wraps the oEmbed API and allows easy media embedding on PHP websites.Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
  2. RRSlug
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    RRSlug is a PHP script for creating URL slugs. Pass it a formatted text string and the script will convert it to an URL friendly slug. It can transforms text like this: "SofTpedIa tested script" into "softpedia-tested-script".Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
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    Pluspress is a PHP script turns a Google+ user's timeline into an RSS feed. Point it to an user's profile page and it will automatically convert all new updates into RSS items that can be easily followed via feed readers. It Comes with cache support.Requirements:- Google+ API key- Web server
  4. iCalcnv
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    iCalcnv is a PHP script for converting iCal files to XLS or CSVs. The opposite operation is also available, converting XLS/CSV calendar files to iCal format (.ics). All functions support local and remote iCal/CSV input files.What's New in This Version:- iCalcnv is reworked into a single class, using a simple configuration set method.- The former main functions; iCal2csv, iCal2xls and ...
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    STRIP-EXTENSION.PHP is created to provide a solution for someone who wanted to create a page with a list of local files, stripped of all their extensions. Initially, my solution involved string manipulation functions, and a list of extensions. It turned out that the list of possible file types was too big to maintain. That's when I discovered the php pathinfo ...
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    EasyPhpWipeJPG is a free utility to 'batch' remove and erase EXIF, IPTC and comment information from JPG files! No configuration or editing is required. Just drop the single file solution in the webdirectory you want to clean and press 'Start Wipe!'. All JPG images will be cleaned - just sit back and relax.
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    Tumblfeed is a stand-alone PHP script for adjusting Tumblr's RSS feed output and takes a Tumblr blog feed URL, parses the content and adjusts how the content is displayed, outputting a proper Atom feed out of it.Under the hood, the script converts any Tumblr-powered URL into a semantically rich feed, with support for properly formatting quotes, conversations, etc.. The script ...
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    Propagator is written in PHP 5 allows you to copy a tag with the given ID attribute in an HTML page on any other HTML pages in the same directory and its subdirectories. It can be used for example to incorporate the Analytics code on all pages of a site built from files stored locally.If the site is powered by ...
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    phptags rewrites PHP open and close tags. It rewrites <?php open tags into long and short form. Removes or adds closing tags Cleans cleans up whitespace around them. (To prevent headers already sent errors.) It's a simple commandline tool that works on BSD/Linux and Windows alike and can be invoked with: phptags --whitespace --long *.php or phptags --close --shortall -v ...
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    Item Switcher is an item preview mechanism based on HTML iframes and consists of two frames.The frame above holds the preview selector, while the frame below loads new content when the user chooses a new option. Initially developed to help ThemeForest authors in previewing their themes, can be used in showcasing anykind of browser fullscreen product. A working demo is ...
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    PunBB Migration Tool is a migration tool to import content from other forums to PunBB and works by converting the original formatted database from the source forum into a PunBB native database.Features of PunBB Migration Tool:- Invision Power Board 1.3- Invision Power Board 2.0- MiniBB 1.7d- phpBB 2.0- PHPNuke 7.4- vBulletin 3.0.0- YabbSE 1.5.5- SMF 1.0.5- SimpleBoard 1.7d- PHP-FusionRequirements:- PunBBWhat's ...
  12. Substrate
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    Substrate is an IoC/DI Container for PHP and owns an Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection Container (IoC/DI) and its goal is to provide developers with a set of tools to allow for configuring an application and managing its dependencies while remaining as transparent and unobtrusive as possible. Substrate tries to port as much as it can from the Spring .NET Framework, ...
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    This is a documentation generator written in PHP and takes a source tree, parses out the comments, and outputs nicely-formatted documentation. Meanwhile, it supports all programming languages that support comments in the form of //, /**/ or #.
  14. Site Status Script
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    This PHP script will enable you to view the current online status of your various websites/servers broken down by service. i.e. Apache, MySQL, POP3 etc. At the same time,it is 100% FREE to use and none of the PHP source code is encoded. Make all the amendments you need to integrate it into your own website.Features of Site Status Script:- ...
  15. Ruler
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    Ruler by Justin Hileman is production ready and uses a pretty straightforward DSL for executing code based on existing conditions.Requirements:- PHP 5. 3 or Higher
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