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    The evaluate class extends the eval function to add the capability of mixing HTML and PHP. Evaluate classes can handle code within a text string which makes it possible to include HTML files.
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    When you work with objects and classes, just a few lines in every class you use can help you to see information about the class and the current state of an object includes variables values.Requirements:- PHP3 - PHP4
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    Class Path Locator is meant to resolve path of a [PHP class library] file to be included like in Java. You can specify the directory paths of several [class] libraries that are available and accessible on the system.Class Path Locator can check whether a file with given name exists in any of the specified directory paths. If the file path ...
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    Logging Class uses environment variables and date/time functions to log visitors data like IP address, port, browser, date and time and creates either text or xml outputs.
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    Application Framework Classes is a bundle of classes which should help you to write object orientated application under php4. Functionality for mysql,post,get,session variables. The package is provided as it is, there will be no support!
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    VAT Checker can check whether an VAT (Value Added Tax) number is valid according to rules of each European country. It loads VAT number structure using regular expressions for each European country defined in a separate XML file.If the given VAT number structure is correct, the class checks the VIES site (VAT Information Exchange System) to verify whether the VAT ...
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    Time Online is meant to keep track of the time the users spend visiting the pages of a site.It can keep track of the time spent in a single page, on the entire site using the same session or the total time since the first access.Time Online can display in the site HTML pages the time spent and keep displaying ...
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    Keeps track of number of distinct visitors currently accessing the site, along with their IP address. This system does not need any database.
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    class_person is a very simple class to save you some typing when creating applications that portray general details of people.Generally class_person would be used as a base and extended upon as you see fit.
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    Encode And Optimize PHP can obfuscate and compact PHP source code files. It can process a PHP source code file and replace characters in text strings by the corresponding hexadecimal representation, making the code harder to read and understand what it does.Encode And Optimize PHP can also compact the PHP source code files by eliminating comments, white spaces and empty ...
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    PHP 2 Install can generate PHP scripts that, when executed, they extract information built-in the scripts to install files and MySQL databases.This class can be used to install all the files and databases of a site or an application. It is recommended when you need to distribute an application or even a whole site that is going to be installed ...
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    The functions can be used on strings or arrays of strings, of any depth. Full documentation of these methods can be found within the class comments.Key Features class.strings.php:- validateString()- validateArray()- validateEmail()- convertSymbolsToEntities()- convertTextToHTML()- trimStringToLength()- trimWordFromString()- trimFirstWordFromString()- trimLastWordFromString()- trimString()- trimStringLeft()- trimStringRight()- addSlashesToString()- trimSlashesFromString()- processFunction()- getOrdinalString()- getPluralString()- trimNewlinesFromString()- trimCarriageReturnsFromString()- getFileExtension()- getFileName()- getFileSize()- countWords()- countSentences()- countParagraphs()- getStringInformation()
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    objectStatus is a PHP class for observing and logging objects. It collects messages and can print them to the screen, write into a log file, or send them via email to any number of recipients. objectStatus can be used for development purposes or for monitoring running applications. Please have a look at the xMySQL class (also in this repository) to ...
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    UML 2 Classes is an application that can be used to generate the code of classes from UML diagrams exported to files in OMG (Object Management Group) XMI standard format by CASE tools like Rational Rose, Umbrello, Poseidon, MagicDraw UML, ArgoUML, Oracle JDeveloper, etc..This application opens a GUI using PHP-Gtk from which the user can specify a XMI file with ...
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    A simple to use script that will allow a user to go to any website with the server hosting this to be the go between. This acts much like a remote proxy in that the site you are on cannot tell what is your real ip.However this script will do everything using just http, no setup at all, and filters ...
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