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    History links can be used to keep track of the pages navigated by an user, so it can generate back or next links providing a similar effect to the use of the Javascript history.go() function.History links uses sessions to store an array variable that holds the URL of each page of a site that the user accesses. It can limit ...
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    PHP Callback can be used to register and invoke callback functions. It can register a callback function by associating a string that defines the function name to the name of a global function or a function of a given object.Then PHP Callback can invoke a callback function by specifying its name and an eventual list of parameters passed as an ...
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    There are few programs on Linux to convert UML diagrams into SQL instructions. This php class reads a DIA diagram and generate the correspondent SQL instructions to create DataBase.
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    DM Perfomance Meter is intended for measuring script (or its part) execution time. It measures time taken to execute part of PHP script between specified start and end points. It also can measure time of arbitrary checkpoints.DM Perfomance Meter supports:- Setting multiple named check points- Output measurement results as plain text, HTML comment, and HTML unordered list- Log results to ...
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    dutchclock is made as a learning aid for foreign students, learning Dutch language.Given a time in Numbers, it will calculate a grammatically correct Dutch sentence, reflecting what Dutchies would say when asked for the time.
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    Information about the call stack including all the classes, functions, parameters that were used to reach the current point of the code that PHP is executing, can be retrieved.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    checkidd checks german passport IDDs for correct syntax and checksumscheckidd returns information in an array like this:Array([0]=> 1 / 0 | syntax check[1]=> 1 / 0 | 1.checksum[2]=> 1 / 0 | 2.checksum[3]=> 1 / 0 | 3.checksum[4]=> 1 / 0 | overall checksum[5]=> passport number[6]=> day of birth (
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    Every business must be analyzed from a SWOT perspective (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) at the same time it should be customer should be integrated into almost any type of business website to enhance customer value. It is free for use. Do not forget to change the email addresses to the correct ones.
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    Canada Post eParcel XML class.
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    With Time to generate a page, it is possible to measure the time a page takes to be generated by start counting since the moment before it starts being generated until the moment is finished.
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    REF classes lets you preserve variables between pages without using cookies, sessions or shared memory.
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    PHP Grammar is meant to generate grammar definition XML files for speech recognition applications according to W3 Consortium specification.This XML format for speech grammars is part of the SRGS specification. Platforms conforming to the VoiceXML 2.0 specification are required to support this format. In addition, XML grammars are also supported within the SALT and XHTML Voice specifications.An XSLT Stylesheet is ...
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    shmem script allows you to share information between pages and applications outside php using shared memory.
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    Compile many classes into one class. SmartExtender get around the limited class extension that PHP offers. IE class A extends classb, classc etc is not possible.
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    PHP Code Buster can be used to obfuscate PHP code making it unreadable to humans.PHP Code Buster uses the PHP tokenizer functions to parse PHP source code and rewrite it eliminating comments or white space, and replacing the variable names with names that do not hint the variables original purpose.
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