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    phpMyDBCompare can be used to compare the schema of two MySQL databases. It can connect to a local and a remote MySQL database servers. The remote server is connected using the ODBC API.phpMyDBCompare retrieves the list of tables of each database and the list of fields of each table. The differences between each database schema are presented in an HTML ...
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    Detector can be used to determine which plug-ins the user browser supports and what is the available screen resolution.Detector uses AJAX to send the browser plug-ins and screen resolution information without reloading the current page. A script can collect the information sent via AJAX and store it in server side files.
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    cphplib (Cute PHP library) is a small collection of classes for PHP. Purpose of the classes is to simplify functions for daily work with PHP. e.g. convertions, formating, DB session and so on.
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    Jabber Client is an event-driven Jabber client class implementation. This library allows PHP scripts to connect to and communicate with Jabber servers.
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    PHP2HEX can be used to generate scripts to install PHP applications. It generate one script that can be extracted when it is executed in the installation target machine.PHP2HEX can include files and directories to copied to the installation directory. It can also include data to be stored in MySQL databases.Features of PHP2HEX:- Choice between installer layouts- Display a disclaimer- Protect ...
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    EZ Framework is a framework of classes that provides several type functionality.EZ Framework provides classes for:- Composing and sending e-mail messages- Perform user authentication- Manage files, directories and logs- Generate and validate forms- Manipulate images- MySQL database access wrapper- Paginate database query results- Sort data in arrays
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    PropertyMax Pro is your one stop solution for listing real estate and properties on your website. Simple to install and simple to use, PropertyMax boasts a great range of property features and has a full admin management section to add/edit/delete/pause your properties. If you are planning to list properties on your website or are looking for another property solution for ...
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    Greeting can be used to compose and send greeting cards by e-mail. The class can compose and send an e-mail message with a greetings text either in text or in HTML.The HTML version of the card may include a greetings picture.
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    Kill Duplicate process is a very simple class that can determine whether a given script runs on a Linux/Unix system. It can check whether a script with a given file name. If found, the class kills the current process.
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    Tired of constantly re-writing the same CSS code? Frustrated with searching through old projects to copy and paste code from? CSS Briefcase is a great little program that helps you organize your CSS styles and store them for use in future projects.Just add CSS style code you tend to use in several projects, and from there on adding the code ...
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    Class Doc can be used to process PHP code to generate automatic documentation in a configurable idiom. This script is a classes and functions documentation tool.CLASSES:- Their analysis is based on packages.- A first form is used to create a package name.- A second one is used to upload classes in the package. If you have inherited classes, you MUST ...
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    Benchmark can measure the time it takes to execute each parts of a PHP script. It can take note of different check points of the current script and thet time that elapsed since the start. Then it can generate an HTML report that show various types of statistics.Features of Benchmark:- Assign a mark to a check point in part of ...
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    The PHP Base Library is a toolkit for PHP developers supporting them in the development of Web applications.PHP Base Library is primarily of benefit to Web application developers, but contains classes which are useful to other PHP developers as well.
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    phpManta is a suite of PHP classes, scripts and examples intended to help PHP programmers writing stable PHP websites and applications. Mdoc is a new auto-documentation tool to create manuals like PHP manual at web site, so in a style common to the PHP community and is very efficient to share your code as APIs. Mdoc parses the PHP ...
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    Web Tracker is a very simple package that can be used to track the accesses of site users in a MySQL database. There is a class to retrieve the site user IP, access time and date. There is also another class for accessing MySQL databases.The example script can be used as a beacon for serving an image, for instance to ...
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