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    QuickMinisite is a new minisite script with auto-updating content which you can use instead of parking! You can change the main page keyword, title and font colors. All you need to do is add your adsense publisher id, and keep uploading as many times you want! You won't need to change anything, because QuickMinisite automatically detects your domain name and ...
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    CSS AutoLoad processes the @import keyword server-side instead of client-side. In this manner, website authors can easily create and load a CSS framework into all pages with a single stylesheet include, no matter how many .css files are in use.In English: You can use as many stylesheets as you want without having to include each one in your HTML document ...
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    Static Parser Engine (SPE) is a kind of CMS for websites. It can be integrated into any static based website (the site which contents static html-pages). Recommended for SEO optimizators! Key features manage web-pages through web-interface create, edit, delete and rename files of given extensions in given folders supported edit modes: WSYIWYG for beginners aka lamers and plain-html for advanced ...
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    Powerful blog editor for WordPress, Typepad, MovableType and other blogs. Automates images uploading support (Flickr, ImageShack, FTP). Integrates with Firefox, IE, Word, RSS Bandit, FeedDemon, Sharp Reader. Provides assistance in managing existing posts, adding links from Amazon. Quick Snippets feature automates commonly typed texts and helps to auto-link referenced resources. Exporting features provides ability to export posts to HTML and ...
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    To administrate data has to be efficient and easy to handle. If you consider for example a publishers company with several authors who have written different books it makes no sense to present the data on different web pages. That's not lucid. PHP and MySql programming and a cross table can help you out. The cross table holds the id-data ...
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    Designed to output lists or reports of data, typically directly from database query results, but also quite useful for quickly formatting generic array results for display. Features include record linking (i.e. the link for each row in the resulting list depends on the values of data within that row – useful in drill-down style reporting systems), record pagination, column sorting, ...
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    I made this script for people that are working on there own scripts. When i created Spoke Calculator Pro and Addressbook i soon thought it would be a good idea to include a way for the user to simply install the scripts with little know how of any sort of MySQL knowledge. I gathered the basic principle from the Word ...
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    EmanonPHP Framework is a library of classes for Web application development.EmanonPHP Framework provides a base application class that manages application global values and other resources used by the application pages.There are also several other general purpose classes for accessing databases, session handling, error handling, etc..
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    PHP befunge class can be used as an interpreter of the Befunge programming language without using special PHP extension.Befunge is an obfuscated programming language that works in 2D.PHP befunge class can load Befunge files that contain a stack arrays of single character strings. Then it cycles over the stack interpreting its values to execute the associated language commands.
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    Cruncher class can be used to compact source code by removing comments and white space.Cruncher class uses the SourceMap class to extract only the relevant tokens to remove comments and white space from the original source code.Cruncher class was meant to process code in languages based on ECMAScript, like JavaScript, ActionScript, and others, but could be used to clean code ...
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    Small copy and paste script, including the figures. A figure with one irregular border is shown (the problem), and the player must select the complementary one.
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    PHP unified diff patcher isa powerful class which allows to create and merge unified diff patches into any file. Fully written in PHP, uses the GNU standard unified diff format and allows any t and allows any on / update / deletion).
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    Download Images from Google can be used to search for images of a given person using Google and then download the images to local files.Download Images from Google is just necessary to specify the name of a person, the limit number of images to be downloaded and the minimum width of the images in pixels.Then Download Images from Google will ...
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    hnwb_ListView for WinBinder provides an extension of the WinBinder ListView control.hnwb_ListView for WinBinder supports:- Automatic creation of header columns- Handling indexed and associative data arrays- Validating new entries if the data records contain a unique identifier field- Enhanced sorting for the columns with single rows, and hierarchical sorting of multiple rows- Adding, deleting and copying rows- Adding a status bar- ...
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    Hololib is a collection of functions which I've developed for my own use over the years. Hololib includes such things as credit card validation, email address validation, smart line wrap, HTML parser, name parser (breaks a person's name down into its parts) and more. Hololib is free software, in the sense of "free beer" *and* "free speech"!
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