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Free and open source Development Tools Scripts. You can find Application Framework, Bug Tracking, Debugging and Utilities scripts here.
  1. Assets
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    Assets is a PHP script for bundling together multiple JS scripts. Assets takes a list of JavaScript files to load, merges them into one single file and delivers them to the user's browsers in one HTTP request.This method saves bandwidth and improves page load times. A sample page is included with the download package.
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    SHDetect is an application statistics tracker. It can be used to collect data from your users, such as application version, build number, operating system and the locale of the user's machine. The script was written as a simple alternative to the Sparkle statistics script.
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    Throttle is a PHP library for throttling certain actions. The 'Throttle' library will setup intervals at which certain actions can be performed. This prevents the server from being over-crowded with the same request and is a very useful anti-flooding mechanism. Works with normal or AJAX requests alike. Features of Throttle:- Set the number of maximum times a request can be ...
  4. PHP Form elements
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    PHP Form elements is a PHP script that will allow each user to create all the elements of a form tag. Just need it to be imported and use it for anything.
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    oTrance is a PHP script for managing translations. It is the perfect tool for creating language packs for existing apps or websites. It allows webmasters to setup an interface where users can translate an application into their local language. Features of oTrance:- Installation wizard- Password-protected interface- Fine grain user permissions- Import and export language packs- Automatic language pack builder- Activity ...
  6. PHPDoctor
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    PHPDoctor is a simple PHP documentation generator. Simpler and faster than PHPDoc, it is inspired by Java's Javadoc tool. What it does is it parses source code comments and gathers them all together into one page for easier reading and a centralized help center. Features of PHPDoctor:- Code is parsed by the PHP engine itself, not an external library- Simple, ...
  7. PhpUtils
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    PhpUtils is a simple script with inside a lot of common methods useful for every kind of php project. Many time a programmer will use the same script or a simply tow or three line of the same portion to repeat the same classic operation. This utility let the programmer the time to think to his patterns and forget repetitive ...
  8. Script Alone
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    Script Alone is a script which can be used to manage the execution of PHP daemon scripts. It saves inside the control file the state of the currently running script. The script can check that file to see if an instance of the script is already running to prevent that more than one instance of the script is being executed. ...
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    PHP Backporter is a PHP utility for converting PHP 5.3 code to PHP 5.2. It allows easy syntax porting from PHP 5.3 branch to 5.2. Features of PHP Backporter:- Changes Lambda functions to normal functions- Converts closures into classes- All namespaces are transformed into underscore-separated pseudo namespaces- Converts const statements to separate define function calls- All __DIR__ magic constant are ...
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    ianFileStream is a PHP utility for modifying files in real-time, which was designed having in mind audio and image files, where EXIF or ID3 needs to be changed regularly. By real-time we refer to a transfer process, like upload/download. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- Apache 2 or Higher What's New in This Version:- First release.
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    TinyTest is a PHP utility for running unit tests which was inspired by py.test, an unit testing Python library. Demos are included with the downloadable archive, to help developers get started on writing their own tests.
  12. GitList
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    GitList is an elegant and modern web interface for interacting with multiple git repositories. It allows you to browse repositories using your favorite browser, viewing files under different revisions, commit history, diffs. It also generates RSS feeds for each repository, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest changes anytime, anywhere. GitList is free and open source software, written in ...
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    BlogHelper is a php script to add web log to your website and requires MySQL. BlogHelper helps you quickly implement your very own customized blog. SQL scripts are included to set up your database. BlogHelper is a great way to learn about PHP and SQL, and is easily expandable if you wish to do more advanced blogging. Features of BlogHelper:- ...
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    php virtual table is a PHP stand-alone shopping cart utility which works out of the box, but can also be easily integrated with more complex e-commerce solutions. It is highly flexible and simple to administrate. If needed, it can export cart data to a CSV file. What's New in This Version:- Interface and abstract class added- Redundant functions are deleted- ...
  15. Twitter Cards PHP
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    Twitter Cards is a WordPress plugin for working with the Twitter Cards tool. Twitter Cards is an option provided by Twitter for embedding a tweet inside remote pages under the look of a nice story card. The plugin supports all the 3 Twitter Cards modes: story, image and video. For details, refer to the README file. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
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