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    The actions are implemented by classes specified in a properties configuration file. The current script action is selected from a set, depending on the value of a given request variable.A plug-in is used to generate the view output, so that it can use any presentation method, such as Smarty templates, XSLT, PHP classes or plain HTML.
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    Strings in any charset can be converted.
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    LDAP Address Book can connect to a given LDAP server and perform operations on an address book like: adding contacts, deleting contacts, searching contacts by name, surname, or by id.The contact name, surname, company name and multiple e-mail addresses can currently be stored.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Tracker searches for PHP classes in files and generates an index file in the INI format with the paths of all the classes that it found, so next time a class needs to be loaded it just needs to look in the generated INI file.An auto-load function that looks into the generated INI file entries for the path of the ...
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    Unlimited sub-categories can be used to manage categories of content stored in a MySQL that is structured in hierarchies of unlimited depth.The categories hierarchy is stored in a MySQL table that keeps the information about each category including the identifier of its parent category record.Unlimited sub-categories provides functions to add a new category, update, delete and retrieve the details of ...
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    The Zend_ACL class included in the Zend Framework is extended to be able to read permissions and roles from a SQL-based database.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Some sites that implement screen oriented tasks consist of a set of pages organized in the form of a tree hierarchy. For instance, the user starts at screen A which has some buttons that may open screens B or C.When the screen B is opened, the associated task has to be completed or canceled before the user is allowed to ...
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    "20 users online" style user tracking is a favourite of ASP websites - this class allows you to do the same thing easily in PHP. The OnlineUsers class uses a leightweight mySQL table to track the users, logging them to a table. Details of who is online and how many users is then easily retrieved.
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    Wrapper around the pcntl_fork() stuff, with a API set like Java language. Practical usage is done by extending this class, and re-defining the run() method. This way PHP developers can enclose logic into a class that extends PHP_Fork, then execute the start() method that forks a child process.Communications with the forked process is ensured by using a Shared Memory Segment; ...
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    Social Security Number (SSN) Generator can generate random numbers for testing purposes based on the social security administration specifications. The numbers do not exist but are well-formed, so they could be valid.Specified social security numbers can also be validated by verifying whether they correspond to number ranges that have been issued by the Social Security Administration.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The index.php petition is taken and any operation related to it is performed, according the previously defined actions.
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    PHP CVS Client can perform several types of operations on a CVS repository through the "-pserver-" protocol.Key Features of PHP CVS Client:- Connects to a CVS server and authenticates on behalf of a given user- Checkout given files from the server- Retrieve the log of changes of a given fileRequirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    DOMXML guestbook stores and manages guestbook messages in XML files. It uses DOM XML extension for PHP 4, so it is very likely that is does not work with PHP 5.
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    Articles can be added, edited and deleted from a MySQL database table. News Script can also display individual news articles using an external template script.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHP Print provides an abstract interface for printing documents. Currently it includes one implemented class that allows printing of basic text or preformatted (.prn) document files using the LPR protocol.The data to be sent to the printer can be either a filename or a string. The driver interface provides hooks in the code to allow development of printer filters (drivers). ...
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