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    Get Image Color can open an image file in JPEG format and traverse its pixels to find which are the most used colors. It can skip a given number of analyzed pixels according to the granularity parameter.An array of the top most used colors up to a specified limit of number or color, is returned. The colors are returned in ...
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    Parser of Expression Grammar can take a string with an expression using RPN and parse it to evaluate its result.Constants, functions, operators, custom functions and custom operators, are supported.Requirements: PHP 4.2.3 or higher
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    PgFieldNameFixer retrieves the names of the columns of a given PostgreSQL database table and checks if it has upper case letters, special characters spaces, or any other problematic characters.The columns are renamed in order to replace problematic characters.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    An XML file can be parsed and definitions, that specify the paths of classes that need to be loaded, can be extracted with Class Manager.Class Manager registers an auto-loader function that uses the information from the XML definitions file to locate and load the scripts that contain the classes that are needed by the applications.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Specifying the source database table will generate a simple grid data presentation with Zend Framework Data Grid.Key Features of Zend Framework Data Grid:- Multiple Sources (DB, Array, JSON, CSV, XML)- User interface controls to perform operations to insert, update and delete table records with support for data validation and filtering- Template based presentation- Support for joining tables- Filter data by ...
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    ooeLite provides functions to access other framework classes.The framework classes can access databases using PDO, manage secure sessions, and process HTML templates.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Content Parser is an abstract base class that can check the strings and call concrete methods that do the actual processing of the texts in the strings.Arrays can be traversed to process string entry values. It can also traverse array entries recursively to process their entries.An implementation class is provided as an example to demonstrate how to use it to ...
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    Multi-process PHP execution script provides the framework for processing multiple php scripts asynchronously from Apache PHP. The script uses sqlite as an interim caching system.
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    Installation Automation can present forms that define different pages of the installation process. Each forms page is defined in custom scripts that are stored in a given directory and are numbered according to the respective installation page number. Installation Automation can also perform several installation general purpose tasks, such as creating XML or PHP files, create MySQL database tables and ...
  10. MyVideoBlog LITE - Automatic Wordpress Video Blogs!
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    MyVideoBlog LITE - Automatic Wordpress Video Blogs! is easy to create automated niche videoblogs. Your videoblog will be automatically updated everyday!! The plugin grabs the embed code of the videos from several providers and automatically publish the post! You don't need to host ANY video in your own server, all videos will be published using the original embed code from ...
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    Password Generator Class can generate one or more password strings that may be a of given length. The passwords may include different ranges of characters like upper and lower case letters, digits, and special characters. A non-repeat policy for characters can be enforced through the class. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several classes are included that can be used to implement controllers and models, manage configuration values, access databases, send e-mail and create zip archives. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher Limitations: The comments in the code are in Portuguese.
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    Overload is a base class that allows sub-classes to have functions that may be called in several ways using with a different number of arguments or arguments with different types. Calls to the overloaded functions are intercepted and are dispatched according to their types and number of arguments. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Zend_Bootstrap provides several functions to setup the environment and several other classes of the Zend Framework that may be necessary. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    superGlobals can setup super-global variables from different sources like databases and memcache servers and inject the values in given existing super-global variable arrays. The assigned values can be filtered according to specified rules and type cast operations can be performed to the assigned variable values. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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