PHP User Management

Free and open source PHP User Management Scripts. These scripts provide a solution of creating a membership system of a website.
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    Login Class can present an HTML form to submit the user name and password when the user is not yet authenticated. The user credentials are checked against records stored in a MySQL table.If the user is authenticated successfully, the class sets some session variables with the user details. The MySQL database table fields to check are configurable.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    User Checker connects to a MySQL database and retrieves the password field of the record a given user to be authenticated.If the given user record exists, the class verifies whether the password is correct, eventually using a configurable password hashing function. The database table name, as well as the user identifier and password field name, can be configured.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or ...
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    BPT_SessionManager can be used to manage user access sessions. It provides a singleton interface to access user access data.Functions of BPT_SessionManager:- Get the session identifier- Check whether a session variable is registered- Register a session variable- Retrieve the value of a session variable- Clear all session variables- Destroy the session- Set and check the protection mode, which can make the ...
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    Jack's Session class can be used to manage user access session information storing and retrieving in from a SQL database. It can start a new sessions creating the respective database records, if the session identified cookie does not exist or the session is expired.Jack's Session class can also terminate a session deleting its database records, set the session expiry time, ...
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    SharedMem Session Handling can be used as alternative PHP session handler. It uses shared memory to store session data to be shared between all PHP requests handled by the same server.
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    PHP Sessions Management Class implements a new PHP session handler that can replace the default PHP session handler by storing session data in a MySQL database table.The session handler works just by creating an object of this class. After that, applications just need to use the same code to store and retrieve session variables.
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    CrossAuth can be used to authenticate users in multiple domains at once.CrossAuth generates HTML with Javascript tags for one domain that also submits the same user name and password to the authentication page of another domain when the user is successfully authenticated in the main domain.CrossAuth does not perform the actual verification of the submitted user name and password. It ...
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    Simple OpenID PHP Class can be used to authenticate users with OpenID single sign-on Web services.Simple OpenID PHP Class can set the required and optional user profile fields that the users must provide to authenticate, establish a connection to an OpenID server, redirect the user browser to the OpenID server pages, making the browser be redirected back to a given ...
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    mk_db_session can be used to store and retrieve session variables in an SQL database. It can be used as a replacement of the PHP built-in session management extension, but it does not depend on that extension.mk_db_session uses the PEAR::DB API, so it can work with different types of database. It can create a new session, if one does not exist. ...
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    Auth_SASL class provides code to handle generating clientside responses to various SASL mechanisms including:- Digest-MD5- Cram-MD5- Plain- Anonymous- Login (Pseudo mechanism)
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    SMK User Authentication can be used to authenticate users against a MySQL database of user records. It can verify whether there is a record for an active user given the user name and password.If the authentication succeeds, it creates a record for a new session in another database table.The new session identifier is set to a session cookie. This cookie ...
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    Register User is a simple package that can be used to create registered user records in a MySQL database table.The user records are stored in the register table. It has fields for the login, password, first name, last name, address, zip code, city, age, sex and e-mail address.Register User can verify if there is already a record in the register ...
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    Secure use_trans_sid can be used use emulate use_trans_sid PHP option with output generated with Smarty templates. It can be used in PHP environments on which the session.use_trans_sid option is disabled for security reasons.There is a class that extends the base Smarty base class to load a plug-in script . This script is an output filter that parses all the output ...
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    MySQL Session is an independent manager for user access sessions storing the session data in a MySQL database table.Features of MySQL Session:- Creating sessions that expire after a given period of inactivity.- Store and retrieve any number of session variables- Verify the existence of a valid session- Force deleting sessions- Retrieve the number of active users that have accessed the ...
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    Access user Class is meant to manage the registration of users of a site and restrict the access to the site pages to registered users.Features of Access user Class:- User login authentication verification- New site member user registration- Remember login information- Account activation by sending a verification e-mail to the member address- Page access restriction to site member users- Forgotten ...
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