PHP User Management

Free and open source PHP User Management Scripts. These scripts provide a solution of creating a membership system of a website.
  1. Auth Manager
    1551 total visits
    Auth Manager is a free yet powerful PHP user management system to provide website owners an easy way to protect their content as well as provide a way to their visitors to register on the website and view content only intended for registered members. Features of Auth Manager:- Extensive protection system which allows you to protect almost any web page ...
  2. Foursquare-async
    453 total visits
    This is a PHP library to build a "Sign in with Foursquare" login system. It is a free and Open Source PHP login sript. The PHP library uses the Foursquare version 2 API.Simple tests are included in the download package. It basically means that users can be allowed on a website using their Foursquare credentials.
  3. Usercake
    932 total visits
    Usercake is a simple, flexible and customisable PHP User management system. It aims to provide people with a foundation to build user applications without all the hassle. This PHP script is cleanly written, well commented, formatted and documented. Its simple codebase indicates that developing with UserCake is straightforward and fast. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher- Database MYSQL or MYSQLi Extention
  4. Data Registry
    553 total visits
    This PHP Singleton design patterns script can be used to store and retrieve data anywhere in your PHP code with the similar concept of Zend-registry. Any kind of data (string, numeric, array, object, files, record) in namespaces, with or without persistence can be saved and retrieved by Data Registry script. Data Registry can also act as an User Management script ...
  5. No Screenshot
    798 total visits
    This PHP script is created to authenticate users by their Facebook account credentials in which Zend Framework views and controllers classes are used to interact with the Facebook Connect Web Services API. Facebook API is used by Zend Framework Facebook Library to redirect the user to a Facebook page on which it may authenticate the Facebook user and allow an ...
  6. Facebook Connect
    1026 total visits
    This PHP script is mainly used to authenticate users using Facebook connect. It displays a Facebook connect button to let the users click and be lead to a Facebook page on which they may authorize the application to obtain access to the Facebook user accounts.The user is redirected to a configurable page on which applications are authenticated against Facebook servers, ...
  7. No Screenshot
    2174 total visits
    Ezcounter is meant to count user visit or page hits. It is text based (no database) and the (text) output digits can be formatted with CSS when a CSS class is defined. Ezcounter is a powerful and free PHP counter script.
  8. No Screenshot
    503 total visits
    This free PHP script is designed to keep track of visitors by IP address and user agent. A new data record will be stored in a MySQL database table for each new visitor. It can also be used to retrieve the number of site visitors and the number of visits that a page had.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
  9. No Screenshot
    592 total visits
    Login Ban is a PHP script to keep track and ban failed user access attempts. It takes note of the time of failed user access attempts and saves the data in cookie files. This script can also check if the user reached the limit number of failed attempts and prevent user access of a given period of time.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 ...
  10. Simple PHP & MySQL Authentication Script
    1558 total visits
    Here is a simple PHP/MySQL authentication script that is secure and easy to use. The Script features:- Login form- Password recovery with basic email injection protection- Optional md5 password encryption- MySQL logon table creation- MySQL injection protection- Page password protection
  11. No Screenshot
    438 total visits
    Authenticator_ciacob is developed to register and authenticate users with records in a database. Register new users, confirm user registrations, authenticate existing users and retrieve user password to send by e-mail as reminders are the main tasks of this Free PHP script. The queries to perform each user record database access are defined in a XML configuration file.Hack prevention built-in system ...
  12. PHP & Ajax Login Any Database
    3657 total visits
    PHP Login (Any Database) is a free software tool written in PHP, Javascript and Ajax intended to provide the users a completely automated web based LOGIN script. It supports automatic installation and caters to the basic needs of the user during login and registration like remember me, forgot/change password, capcha and so on. It provides users the option to integrate ...
  13. No Screenshot
    533 total visits
    Zend Framework OAuth consumer package was used in this PHP script tp generate a token for accessing the Twitte API on behalf of the current siet user. Redirecting to use the Twitter site, this PHP script helps verify the user permission and handle the request to receive the validated OAuth token. Moreover, OAuth Twitter can access the Twitter API using ...
  14. No Screenshot
    431 total visits
    This script is a Zend Framework extension that can authenticate users accessing an IMAP server. It can connect to a given IMAP server using the Zend Mail IMAP class and verify whether the given user and password are valid. Stachl_Auth_Adapter_Imap supports both insecure and secure connections using SSL. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or Higher
  15. No Screenshot
    882 total visits
    Login PHP Class can be used to authenticate users against a MySQL database. The class verifies whether a given user and password are valid, by checking his credentials against an MySQL database. The password may be hashed with MD5 or SHA1 before verification. The class initialize session variables with values with the user records if he is successfully authenticated. Requirements: ...
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