PHP User Management

Free and open source PHP User Management Scripts. These scripts provide a solution of creating a membership system of a website.
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    Class to manage user and group accounts on shadow based Linux/Unix systems.
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    This suite provides you with very fast, secure and easy to use, authentication components that you can use to protect your website. Auth Suite implements three methods of user authentication. The first one simply allows or denys access to protected pages by checking a user account on a database. The second way allows you to group your users, that way ...
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    usersession class provides you an easy php session example.
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    Anti-Hacking Session Manager can manage user access sessions providing some security features. It verifies whethers the IP address and the browser identification (user agent) are not different from those used when the session is created. Otherwise, the session is flagged as invalid. An exception is opened for users accessing the site via AOL, due to the rotating proxy problem.Anti-Hacking Session ...
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    Permissions uses integer bit masks to represent user access permissions. Each bit of an integer permission value represents one condition that determines whether the user can read, write, delete, etc. an associated resource. Permissions allows easy and acurate storage of complex sets permissions in a single integer value. The class can convert back and forth between permission bit mask values ...
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    Registration can be used as a module to register new users of a site using forms that use CAPTCHA image validation to prevent that robots register automatically simulating a real human user.When a new user submits the registration form, a message is sent to his e-mail address so he can confirm that he owns the supplied e-mail address and really ...
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    MVC Membership System is a package of classes that implements an user membership system using the Model-View-Controller design pattern.MVC Membership System has a base class that models abstract users and has specialized sub-classes that implement regular members and administrator users. The package uses Smarty as presentation templating system and ADODB database access layer.
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    Session class is a simple wrapper around session management functions of PHP. It lets you load session values, set a value, retrieve a value, remove a value and destroy the current session.
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    Locked Session Handler is custom session handler that allows for values stored in the session variables to be locked to prevent changes.The class provides functions to set, retrieve, check and delete session variable values, as well functions to lock and unlock given session variables.The names of locked variables are added to a special session variable array. If a script attempts ...
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    Session Handler classes implements a session but does not use MySQL as its storage mechanism like other session handling classes do. Instead it uses a directory structure where the session is identified as a directory and keys are files inside of that directory. Each file contains the value assoiciated with the key identified by the file name.This session handler requires ...
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    Authentication, a simple class, used for implementation of an usual member and administration pages. It uses sessions and cookies if desired. It requires the PEAR DB library and Smarty template system.
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    cUser is meant to add, remove and authenticate users with records stored in a database.It comes with module class to manage the storage of users in a MySQL database but it can be replaced with modules to store in other databases.
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    sessionSharing is meant to share session variables between different sites.All session variables of one site can be passed to another site using special URLs of links that contain encoded versions of the session variables of the origin site.
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    PasswdAuth uses the .htpasswd to authenticate access to your PHP script.
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    phpSecurityAdmin is a PHP application that was designed to be implemented in custom Content Management Systems (CMS). The ease of use allows the CMS programmer to concentrate on creating a quality application without having to waste a lot of time on the security access side of the system.This application can be used for restricting access to web pages based on ...
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