PHP User Management

Free and open source PHP User Management Scripts. These scripts provide a solution of creating a membership system of a website.
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    HHSecureObject can be used to authenticate users that can access to Web site pages.The accounts of the users are defined as permission arrays in PHP scripts. The class uses HTTP Basic authentication to request that the users authenticate themselves.When an user is authenticated successfully, the class stores the authentication status in session variables, so the authentication dialog is not opened ...
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    MySQL Login can be used to authenticate users with records stored in a MySQL database table.Features of MySQL Login:- Customization of the table and the fields to lookup to verify the existence of an account and the respective password- A session variable is always set whether or not the user authenticated correctly- Customize the URL of pages to redirect when ...
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    Simple Authentication and Security Layer provides a single interface for implementing multiple standard authentication mechanisms commonly used by Internet protocols such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc.Currently Simple Authentication and Security Layer implements following mechanisms:- PLAIN- LOGIN- CRAM-MD5- NTLM (used by Windows or Linux/Unix with Samba)- Basic (used in HTTP Basic authentication)- Digest (used in HTTP Digest authentication)
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    clsLoginHandler provides a generic interface to authenticate site users. It can try multiple types of authentication until one succeeds. Each type of authentication may have additional parameters to configure details.Currently clsLoginHandler supports only database table lookup and fixed user authentication types. Additionally, the password entered by the user may be encrypted with an arbitrary algorithm implemented by a given callback ...
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    clsSessionHandler implements a simple wrapper around the main PHP session management functions. It can initialize the session control parameters as the session cookie and save paths.clsSessionHandler provides functions to start a session, set,get or undefine a session variable, and end a session.
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    If a session (without MySQL or other data base) provides, the validity and exceeding the time examines with the page overflow. Attitudes can be made by ResourceBundle (properties file) and permit the LOGGING of PHP files. Within a side can be changed on another side. With the change attributes can be written into the session, which are evaluated by the ...
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    PGSQL_Login is a PHP/PostgreSQL 'Login' class, to control users sessions.
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    sessid class allows you to create your own unique Session Id's.Two options in sessid:- Normal : for good, but shorter Id's- Extreme: for EXTREME Id's
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    UsersOnline2 gives you faster management of users online and increased flexibility. You will have the ability to view the number on the current page or visiting the entire site.
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    class.userquota.php allows you to supply the values of the user quota (as you might gather from the file system, imap, or your own database driven system) and outputs them as a nice graph, or as text.The colours of the graph are definable, and you can also change whether you have it as a flat pie chart or a 3D pie ...
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    DB Sessions is meant to act a session manager handler using as container a database accessed using PEAR::DB package rather than using the default container which is based on files.DB Sessions can be useful for instance to store user session data of sites served using load balanced array of Web servers. Simply include the class file, create a new instance ...
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    Csession class provides you session management with timeout and applications based on temporary files.
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    SmashUser is a class that allows you to manage users in an easy fashion. It organizes the users in groups, which may be granted permissions different parts of your applications.SmashUser may perform authentication and create sessions for users that successfully log in. The class also provides support for creating, updating and removing the records of users or groups.The records of ...
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    Session is meant to provide an API to initialize and manage user access sessions.Session initializes a session assuring that the session storage directories exist, closes a session, destroys a session, get the session identified, add, retrieve, update and delete session variables, check whether a session is registered and retrieve the count of opened sessions.
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    sessMan is a session handler making use of PHP and MySQL. It has support for logins and sessions are linked to specific computers using their ip addresses.All database connections are made using my MySQL_DB_Connect class.
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