PHP User Management

Free and open source PHP User Management Scripts. These scripts provide a solution of creating a membership system of a website.
  1. AJAX Login Module
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    AJAX Login Module can be used to authenticate users without reloading a login page. It can generate the HTML with Javascript that uses the jQuery library to present a login form that is submitted using an AJAX request for verifying the user password. The script uses a separate database access class to perform a database query to the users database ...
  2. Login With Ajax
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    Login With Ajax is an AJAX-powered authentication and login system written for the WordPress blogging platform. From the backend settings widget, the owner can control custom login or logout redirects. The plugin is compatible with WordPress, Wordpress MU and BuddyPress. Will work with forced SSL logins as well. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    UserPie is a customizable, open source, user management framework / login script. Don't re-invent the wheel; quickly build your web project with a simple, framework that provides lots of functionality without getting in the way. Features of UserPie:- User Login- Registration Form- Password Recovery- E-Mail Verification- Session Cookie ("Remember Me")- Change Password Form- Update E-mail Form- Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework)- ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Backdoor is a backdoor authentication system. The "Backdoor" system allows users or admins alike to authenticate on the site without actually typing in a password for the desired account. While dirty minds might think of this as a way to hack into a site, Backdoor was created for debugging purposes, allowing administrators to take various user permissions and replicate errors ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    On today's tutorial were gonna build an Php and Jquery login script. To make it more easy I separated the article in 4 parts: Html Form Adding Php Jquery checks Final code First of all we are goind to make the html form which it is well designed in css3.
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    User IMG API is a API allows you to easily display user avatars by just calling fusntion avatar with username parameter. Requirements: - PHP 1+
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    FP Membership is a PHP script to implement an authentication system on a website. It can be integrated with any site running on PHP. Features of FP Membership:- Registration page.- Forgot password page.- Login page.- Profile page.- Delete account page.- Mailing list.- Limited access to files/folders.- Add/Edit/Remove users.- Add/Edit/Remove profile fields.- Require/Optionate profile fields.- Enable/Disable account delete page.- Completely customizable ...
  8. GAuthify-PHP
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    GAuthify-PHP is a PHP authentication system based on Google Authenticator, which is a wrapper for the REST API. is a Web service that provides an SMS and email 2-factor authentication system based on Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator is a service from Google for enrolling in a 2-step verification process for improving a site's login security. Requirements:- API ...
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    TankAuth is an user authentication library for the CodeIgniter PHP framework. It uses a basic authentication model, working together with a database, where it saves all user details. By default it supports all the four basic authentication operations: login, logout, register and unregister. To boost security, the PHPass library is used to encode password hashes instead of MD5. Features of ...
  10. vAuthenticate Script
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    vAuthenticate is a revolutionary authentication script which uses PHP and MySQL for fast processing. vAuthenticate comes with an admin interface where webmasters and administrators can create new user accounts, new user groups, activate/inactivate groups or individual accounts, set user level, etc. This may be used to protect files for member-only areas. vAuthenticate uses a custom script to handle the bulk ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    The Coopercentral Login script offers your website authentication for your users for password-protected pages. Including a member registration page, and an administration page to view/edit your users. It also includes a privilege field to allow for regular users as well as administrator users.
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    Ban Control is a simple solution to control your bans of your website. This script looks into the database for a ip number, when it has a record the script will show a message to the banned user (you can fill in what to show). After that the script will readirect that user to a website (You decide which one). ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    HTAdmin is a PHP tool for administrating Apache .htpasswd files. Installation:- Extract the package: tar zxvf HTAdmin1.x.tar.gz (for tar.gz) tar yxvf HTAdmin1.x.tar.bz2 (for tar.bz2) zip -d (for zip) - Edit the following lines in file: $cfgUserAuth = true; $cfgSuperUser = 'admin'; $cfgSuperPass = 'password'; $cfgHTPasswd[0][N] = '/htdocs/example/.htpasswd'; <-- First file's full path and name $cfgHTPasswd[0][D] = 'Sample htpasswd ...
  14. MEMQ
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    MEMQ is a PHP fast queue management solution, which can be used to create fast queues that scale accordingly. The script relies on memcached to be installed, since it uses it as its data store environment. Meanwhile, MEMQ is a perfect queue control system for medium busy applications.
  15. LDAPAuth Class
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    LDAPAuth Class is a simple PHP script for authenticating users via LDAP, including support for connecting and disconnecting from a LDAP host. Limitations:- Comments are in Italian, but nothing Google Translate can't handle.
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