PHP Text Processing

Free and open source PHP Text Processing Scripts. This category contains Text Encode, translation and so on.
  1. Very Simple Diff
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    This script can be used to compare two strings and return the differences.It splits two strings in lines and compare the lines to determine the differences.Very Simple Diff script returns two arrays that tell which lines would need to be added or removed to turn the first string into the second string.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  2. Read Text Files
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    This PHP script is created to read text files line by line. It opens text files and performs several types of line oriented operations. Currently, the script can read one line at a time, and then jump to a given line number and count the toal number of lines in the file.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  3. License management script
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    This PHP script is mainly used to generate and validate license serial numbers. It generate serial number strings, based on the current user host name, site name, IP address and a given number. It can also determine if a previously generated serial number is valid. Requirements:- PHP 3 or higher
  4. String Formatter
    470 total visits
    This PHP Script is a simple but powerful string formatting to implement a template engine to format text string. String Formatter script takes a template text string and uses regular expressiona to replace certain place holders with given values. simple text replacements, justified text insertion, object calls return values, array entry values and insert numbers in different bases are supported.Requirements:- ...
  5. Translation between Traditional and Simplified Chinese
    477 total visits
    This PHP Script just designed to convert text between traditional and simplified Chinese. It takes a Chinese text string represented as numeric HTML entities and then converts between simplified or traditional.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  6. Light BBCode
    404 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to replace text with BBCode by HTML tags. It read a text string which uses regular expressions to search and replace BBcode tags with corresponding HTML formatting tags. Requirements:- PHP 5 or higher
  7. Moby Thesaurus
    806 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to get synonyms and parts of speech of given words. It takes a given word and finds synonyms in a dictionary. If the exact word is not available, the script uses stemming algorithms to find synonyms of closer words. The script can also retrieve a list of parts of speech that include that given ...
  8. No Screenshot
    755 total visits
    PHP Code Beautifier is a PHP code formatter script to strip all lines and leading spaces from your source code and then adds spaces and new lines only where is needed. It is designed to be a PHP COde formatter that will not break your code. You can even choose to optimize your code by putting double quotes to strings ...
  9. No Screenshot
    591 total visits
    PHP text cleaner is designed as a web-based document cleaner to clean up text from Microsoft Word documents, replacing HTML unfriendly characters with their HTML friendly equivalents. When a web content producer has large amounts of text content in a Microsoft Word, or some other pre-formatted document format. Copying and pasting text from a Word document can lead to multiple ...
  10. PHP Text to Image Converter
    905 total visits
    PHP Text to Image Converter is created to convert a string of text into an image, which has some simple uses such as displaying text such as email address that can not be programmatically found. It is a PHP image handling script. Such a function reduces the possibility of your email address being picked up by web crawlers and used ...
  11. No Screenshot
    584 total visits
    User Input Sanitization script is created to make sure that your user inputted data is clean. It does so by checking variables $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE and allows only known variables and make sure that they contain the right type of data.This Free PHP script sanitizes only one variable, returns the variable sanitized according to the desired type or true/false ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    Profanity Filter is designed to build a list of profane terms and scan a string for matches, and then it returns a rating of the content based on severity ratings and counts. This PHP script can determine if a a text contains too many obscene words, based on ratings of each word, frequency of use, etc.This script parses a given ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    Regexp Builder is a PHP script designed to build simple and regular expressions programmatically, it provides clearly named functions to add each part of a regular expression, such as matching the beginning or end of the text, match a range of characters, match any text, match a portion of text multiple times, capture a portion of the text, etc..The result, ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    Words counter is used to search and count the words in a file. This script can open a file and display how many words it contains and how many times they appear. It can also seach a specific word and display how many times it appeared. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
  15. EstGraph
    353 total visits
    EstGraph is a PHP Graph chart script to generate an image with a text string. It can create image with a given size and render a text inside the image. Text color, background color, text position and font are configurable. The generated photos are saved to a file in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or Higher
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