PHP Text Processing

Free and open source PHP Text Processing Scripts. This category contains Text Encode, translation and so on.
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    Use html2word to get words from HTML (and text) pages and counts each word. This class can be used in search section of sites or to write search engines.
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    Fast Chinese Word Segmentation can segment Chinese text. It uses the RMM (reverse maximum match) approach. Therefore it may commit some mistakes that cannot be avoided with perfection.Fast Chinese Word Segmentation handles English but in a very simple way.
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    Numbers2words class converts numbers to words. Numbers range from 0 to 999.999.999.999.999. For british (GB) numbers the class must be call with a optional second argument = 1. ]Example:British (GB)n2w('1000000000',1) gives "one milliard"n2w('1000000000000',1) gives "one billion"American (US/FR)n2w('1000000000') gives "one billion"n2w('1000000000000') gives "one trillion"
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    PHP Figlet is meant to draw text strings that are outputted as lines of text using ASCII art characters.The text lines that represent characters are defined in simple ASCII art font files. The class comes with one sample font. Many other fonts are available or you can make your own.PHP Figlet can be used for displaying errors, printing messages to ...
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    This bad word filter class is completly customizable. You may select which words you want to replace and remove one's you don't. You also have an option to replace bad words with a specific filter character. This class is extremely fast for what it does, and it is case-insensative. So parsing large files, such as forum posts is not a ...
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    Text Encrypter is meant to encode data as text so it can be passed between page scripts for instance in the URL of links.Text Encrypter uses salt data to be able to detect whether the data has been altered eventually by malicious users during the passages of the data.
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    Funny Strings is meant to transform text strings into h4xx0r- or eLiTe-StYlE or shuffled words. For example, Funny Strings can convert Metallica to M3t4||1(4, or to mEtAlLiCa, or even Mecalilta.This last example is interesting because the class preserves the first and last letter of the word, and so you may still be able to read it afterwards without problems.
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    This tiny class creates/formats flat tabbed text in table style for email or text document uses, inserts lines of any style and even rightbounds selected columns for better overview in the created text table.
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    Check and validate class contains several funtions to validate text values like email addresses and integers with minimum and maximum range checking.It also has debugging and benchmark functions to check your scripts and to show how long they take to execute.
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    Key Highlighter is a simple class that can look for given keywords on the current script output and alter it to highlight the matched keywords in a special way that can be configured.Optionally Key Highlighter is possible to use it with my CReferrer class and have an automatic way to highlight the keywords that may have been used in a ...
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    html_reverse allows you to reverse htmlentities (un_htmlentities), sample: ã = ã and un_accent, sample: ã = a.
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    PHP's standard functions for upper and lower casing don't work for special chars. casespecial.php class allows you to manage uppercase, lowercase, capitalize strings with special chars too.Functions of casespecial.php: - ucfirst(),- ucwords(),- strtolower(),- strtoupper(), - capitalize(), - capitalizewords().All functions can called by reference, use the get_ functions to get a string return and your original string unchanged.
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    Password Generator class can generate random passwords using the current time as randomizing seed.The generated passwords have a given fixed length and can have only numbers, or only letters or both numbers and letters.
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    Hex2Bin makes a conversion of hex numbers into binary strings.
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    Man Page Lookup allows you to view man pages directly from the website. The output is formatted nicely with bold, italics, and coloured text.
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