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Free and open source PHP Text Processing Scripts. This category contains Text Encode, translation and so on.
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    Form PDF can generate an FDF document from an associative array of form values. The generated document can be saved to a file.Form PDF can also do the opposite, i.e. extract form values into an associative arrat from FDF files. An FDF file can also be converted to a PDF file by using the pdftk program.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTML to Plain Text Conversion converts HTML to plain, formatted ASCII text. By default, the text is wrapped to 70 characters, and some basic formatting is applied to preserve some of the HTML formatting.Usage:// Include the class definition file.require_once('');// The "source" HTML you want to convert.$html = 'Sample string with HTML code in it';// Instantiate a new instance of the ...
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    Porter Stemming Algorithm is a fairly faithful implementation of the Porter stemming algorithm that reduces English words to their stems.There is a deviation in the way compound words are stemmed, such as hyphenated words and words starting with certain prefixes. For instance, "international" should be reduced to "internation" and not "intern," but an unmodified version of the alorithm will do ...
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    Anagrams Class is a class to compute the pure anagrams of a given input words or by setting up preset rules. The class can be easlily included into your PHP projects.Anagrams Class ins compatible with all PHP versions.
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    Misc String can be use to perform several types of manipulation operations on UTF-8 encoded and unencoded strings.There are several classes:- One to compute the length and extract parts of a string encoded in UTF-8. It uses PCRE extension functions, so it does not rely on multi-byte string manipulation extension.- Another class to perform white space normalization functions like: mapping ...
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    convertor converts encodings using iconv extension. You can use it with streamed data (XML).To be honest, this is quite complex. If you need just general character set conversion, not streams, take a look at iconv or recode itself.The former version 1.1 does not depend on iconv and conversion is based on the hard coded conv tables. It supports unicode entities ...
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    BiBTeX Manager can be used to parse and manipulate BiBTeX entries for use in LaTeX authored publications.BiBTeX Manager can beautify a string for use in your BiBTeX files, clean out illegal characters, and extract some elements of a BiBTeX entry.
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    Guaranix Full Text can be used to index texts for full text searching.Guaranix Full Text can build indexes of documents with support for stemming words (in Spanish or English), document idiom categorization, phrase search, etc..Guaranix Full Text can use a database as repository to store the index. Currently it supports SQLite and MySQL.
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    Numeric TTS can be used to generate audio to spell numbers using different voices and idioms. It generates a audio files in the WAVE format by concatenation audio samples that spell the digits of a number.The digit audio samples are available for male and female voices in English and Arabic. The resulting audio sample can be stored in a file ...
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    Pictorus GIF Text is a simple class that can be used to render text as images.Pictorus GIF Text generates an image with the PHP GD library extension and renders a given text with configurable text font, foreground and background color and transparency.The resulting image is generated in the GIF format and is served as the current script output.
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    This class can be used to spell numeric values using Polish words.
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    MyLibSQLGen can build MySQL query statements of a list of parameter arrays. It can build SQL queries SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE by specifying the tables and the fields involved.MyLibSQLGen can also build SQL conditions for the WHERE clause, search with the LIKE operator, using LEFT JOIN, and the columns for the ORDER clause.
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    JavaScript Compressor can be used to pack JavaScript code to reduce its size. It can remove comments, white space and convert the code to a more packed style.There is also a class that can cache several packed JavaScript code files until they are changed to avoid the overhead of packing the same JavaScript files.
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    SourceMap can be used to parse and extract a list of tokens from source code in one of several supported languages. It can parse source code in a given language and extract tokens according to the definitions of token delimiter character sequences for that language. The class supports PHP, Javascript and Python.SourceMap can extract several types of tokens: comments in ...
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    Source code highlighting can be used to highlight source code in several languages, as well some other text formats. It can highlight text strings or files. It generates XHTML as highlighted output.Currently Source code highlighting supports the following languages and text formats: C , CSS, DIFF, DTD, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL and XML.Requirements: PEAR Text_Highlighter
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