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Free and open source PHP Text Processing Scripts. This category contains Text Encode, translation and so on.
  1. AcronymIT
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    AcronymIT can be used to locate and process acronyms within text phrases. It can read a list of known acronyms from a file in the INI format.AcronymIT can search for the acronyms in a given text and replace them by HTML links to the respective Wikipedia pages about such topics.The links have title texts also defined in the INI file, ...
  2. php-highlight
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    This is a simple PHP library that takes PHP source code, embeds it via HTML and highlights its syntax, increasing its readability factor. Along with the syntax highlighting function, a few other features are also included.All known PHP functions are linkified to point to their respective page on the official PHP documentation site. Also, tokens are moved inside span tags, ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Simple Word Filter is a PHP library for filtering bad words. It will enable developers to setup simple word filters on their page. Even if it was setup for bad words and insults, the library can be easily be adapted to work with any text patterns the developer gives it. A demo is included with the package and works out ...
  4. PHP Console
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    PHP Console is a Web PHP console to try PHP code. It allows developers to test and debug their PHP code before running it in their project. All of this from a simple browser window. The console uses the Krumo debugging module as its core PHP interpreter. Requirements:- JavaScript enabled on client side What's New in This Version:- Fixed syntax ...
    124 total visits is a PHP library for cracking MD5 hashed strings. It parses MD5 hash strings and outputs them as clear text. It uses several online MD5 cracking APIs to decode the hashed text and simply outputs the raw text on the page. A working hash decoding script is included with the download package.
  6. No Screenshot
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    PdfXtractor is a PHP script to convert PDFs to JPEGs. For the conversion process, PdfXtractor heavily uses GhostScript. For usage instructions, check the package's README file. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Added gs choice in phpunit.xml and in the PdfXtractor scritpt.
  7. Name Extractor
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    Name Extractor is some applications receive e-mail messages from users that do not specify their real name. This script guesses the real name of a person from e-mail address by parsing and splitting it in possible names that make part of the person's real name. It can parse given e-mail header line that should contain a person name and attempts ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    SimpleDiff is various libraries for providing a simple diff tool. Of course, all libraries are inspired by the UNIX diff tool. In practice, they can be used to analyze two pieces of text and show the differences between them. Comes in versions for CoffeeScript, JavaScript, PHP and Python.
  9. No Screenshot
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    display HTML on webpage is a simple script to display your HTML/PHP/JS code on a webpage witthout browser rendering it. This is useful tool for programming bloggers who wanted to display code on their page without actually rendering the html tags, it saves lot of time to edit manually.
  10. No Screenshot
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    Faker is a PHP library for generating filler (fake) data which can be used whenever a database or text container needs to be filled with sample/filler content. It can generate filler content like: - Addresses- Street names- Cities- States- State abbreviations- Zip codes- Postal codes- Countries- Names- First names- Last names- Usernames- Domain names- Domain suffixes- IPv4 addresses- Phone numbers- ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    Emoji for PHP is a PHP library for working with Emoji and a set of emoticons used in Japanese electronic messages and web pages. The library allows conversion between various Emoji formats and eases the tasks and process of embedding them in non-Japanese web pages. What's New in This Version:- Multiple codepoint support- More tests- html-to-unified- Allow character groups- Better ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    Underscore.php is a script posts Underscore.js to PHP. As an extra, besides Underscore.js functionality, it includes matching unit tests. Underscore.php works in both object-oriented and static styles. Features of Underscore.php:- Collections- Arrays- Functions- Objects- Utilities- Chaining Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher Limitations:- For advanced developers only. What's New in This Version:- Added has().- Added collect() as an alias to map().
  13. No Screenshot
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    This script can render images with text using graphics as fonts. It takes a text string and creates an image on which the characters of the string are displayed using separate image files to render each character. The text may be aligned to the left, right, center or be justified. The image width may be limited so the text is ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    Word Solver can generate words or anagrams from specified rules. It can take a string that defines rules for the words to be generates like the allowed letters, position of certain letters, letters that should be used together, or the whole characters that may be used. The script returns one or more generated words in an array.
  15. PHP_Word_Cloud
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    PHP_Word_Cloud is a PHP library for rendering brightly colored text/tag clouds. The tag/word cloud is generated as an image, as a Base64 PNG and use an image map, links can be added for every embedded word/tag. A demo is included with the download package.Features of PHP_Word_Cloud:- Set cloud height- Set cloud width- Set used color palette- Pass the text as ...
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