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Free PHP Template makes HTML code clean and readable by separating application logic and content from its presentation. PHP Template is most useful in a situation where application programmer and template designer play different roles.
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    RSS HTMLizer can generate HTML pages from content retrieved from an RSS feed.The HTML is generated using template files that define how each RSS feed entry is displayed. The class uses the Magpie library to fetch and parse the RSS feed data.
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    ARC enables the combination of efforts like microformats with the utility of selected RDF solutions such as agile data storage, run-time model changes, standardized query interfaces, and mashup chaining. RDF enhances web site productivity and development and ARC is developed only with practical cases in mind.Installation:ARC2 introduces a static class which is all that needs to be included. Any other ...
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    The template files do not define looping logic, only variables or parameters to be replaced, to avoid using programming concepts that are not easy to understand for designers.Event driven callback functions are supported and allow customizing the template engine behavior.
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    Both template strings or files can be processed.Simple Template Parser Class uses regular expressions to find place holder marks and a callback function to replace the marks by the respective template parameter values.
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    A specified template file is read and the tags are replaced by the associated parameter values. The processed template is returned as a single string.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    The template marks with variables surrounded by curly braces are replaced by the corresponding template variable values.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higherLimitations: The code and the comments are in Russian.
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    Booster Template processes templates and generates PHP script files that generate the template output when executed. Template variables are defined as array, which get extracted into local variables before the compiled template script files are included.The template engine supports variables with optional modifiers, comments, including external template files, adding separate Javascript and CSS style definitions, localized text, inline PHP code, ...
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    Thorpe Systems template supports blocks and can loop around them in order to iterate the processing of the same blocks using distinct variable substitution values. Each template must start with a named block delimiter. A block ends when the delimter of a new block starts or when the template end is reached.The output of a template is defined by telling ...
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    SmartTemplate supports compiled templates, ouput caching, scalar substitution, iterations over nested blocks (BEGIN..END), basic control structures (IF..ELSEIF..ELSE) and custom extensions (output filters like uppercase, sprintf, etc.)Its unique structure creates minimum overhead, allowing SmartTemplate to be up to eight times faster that other templating engines.
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    x64Template Engine implements a template engine that can be extended with plug-in classes. The template engine uses string searching and replacement, instead of regular expressions, to find and process template placeholder marks. It supports processing conditional sections and loop section iteration.x64Template Engine comes with a simple content management system (CMS) to demonstrate the template engine capabilities. It is based on ...
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    Smarty Template Control provides a Web interface to create and edit text files. It was meant to let an user edit Smarty template files but it can be used to edit other types of text files.Smarty Template Control can generate an interface based on Web page forms to let the user choose and edit text file existing in a given ...
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    Basic Template can replace placeholders with values from string variables, from array entries, from object variables or a from combination of arrays and objects.Basic Template supports template blocks that can be processed conditionally or iteratively. The inclusion of template files within other template files is also supported.
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    Template Engine features support for blocks, loops, ifset and rotations. It is fast and most suitable for small and medium projects.
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    PHPTemplate assigns variables to template parameters values that are replaced using normal PHP tags like <?=$placeholder?> to define output values.External template files can also be loaded and assigned to template parameter variables.
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    PHP Template has the advantage of a very low overhead and performs faster than other template engines.
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