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Free PHP Template makes HTML code clean and readable by separating application logic and content from its presentation. PHP Template is most useful in a situation where application programmer and template designer play different roles.
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    The @ character precedes the placeholder marks.Parse HTML Template replaces placeholder marks by template parameter values passed as an associative array.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The files are created from templates.Easy-create-file is a wonderfull thing for us. You know, saving time is the most important things.
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    phplibTemplateExtention provides several enhancements over the original template class.Key Features of phplibTemplateExtention:- Automatic detection and declaration of blocks- Automatic "blanking" of unused blocks- Blocks automatically declared in proper nested order.- All calls to set up template/file/paths/names in the class call.
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    The templates are PHP scripts with regular PHP constructs inside. A require command pointing to this class is used to process the template.The template parameters are class variables that are assigned by a class function. Template scripts use the template parameters using the $this pseudo-variable.
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    Regular expressions are used to locate and extract every block and replace template marks with parameter values.
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    Regular expressions are used to parse the template files and locate the block marks.Then dynamicTemplate uses simple string replacement to substitute template place holders by the respective parameter values. It can use arrays to assign template parameters.
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    Regular expressions are used to locate placeholders and replace them with the assigned variable values. Curly braces { } ) are used to identify placeholders.phpEngine also supports the spacial tags <loop> and <var> to identify placeholders and iteration loop sections.
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    Mrasnika's template system features such as blocks, includes, loops with or without section for empty lists, fast variable and template substitution, as well as sub-templates are supported.
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    LiteTplEngine assigns template variables to local PHP variables and includes the template PHP scripts. The output of the included template scripts is captured and returned by the class.Templates can also be processed to generate JavaScript and CSS.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Sever and client side caching are supported. Expose template engine can be extended with custom plug-in functions. Several plug-ins are provided to to simplify common tasks like inserting a date picker.Expose template engine also provides localization support by generating output that picks translated text from external files according to the currently selected idiom.
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    Several templates can be combined to produce the output.Key Features of Simple Template Parser:- Display the processed template as the current script output or write it to a file- Iterate over a section using loops- Evaluate conditional sections that may be nested- Output multiple columns per row in a table loop- Change color parameters in a loop
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    Template Interface Engine joins back-end code (as business logic layer) and HTML code (known as presentation layer) which are written in separate files. Template Interface Engine implements a template engine that uses regular expressions to locate placeholder marks.Template Interface Engine supports template loops and uses event driven callback functions to set variables inside the loop sections. Outside loop sections, the ...
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    The iteration of blocks, conditional block processing and cycling of replacement values, are supported. The capabilities of the template marks can be extended with external plug-in scripts.
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    Class Template is compatible with PHPLib, but also has a few enhancements, such as file inclusion from the same template or optional blocks.
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    Simplest Template implements a template engine based on simple text replacing. It can read a template from a given file and replace specified placeholder marks by given text values.Simplest Template may also replace predefined placeholder marks for HTML page CSS file, page header, page body and page footer, by values assigned to specific class variables. The processed template is returned ...
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