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Free PHP Template makes HTML code clean and readable by separating application logic and content from its presentation. PHP Template is most useful in a situation where application programmer and template designer play different roles.
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    This template engine is easy to use and supports looping.
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    Templates can be loaded from files and placeholders defined by specific marks can be replaced with parameter strings. The processed templates can returned as a text string or displayed as the output of the current script. Limitations: The documentation is in German.
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    All the PHP code is totally separated from the HTML code, so you can make any changes to the appearance without having to fight with tons of PHP code lines. Also, it's a powerful way to separate the work jobs of a development team: Coders and HTML designers. A hierarchy of patterns, which include one another, can be built avoiding ...
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    Text which is enclosed in a logic tag is examined and replaced. Logic Template Engine includes logic support with inline logic statements. It also includes logic comparison, nestled conditional and file repitition (row) abilities.
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    One or more named sections delimited by marks that define the section name can be contained in the templates. A template section may contain multiple replacement tags that may be of three types:- file to be included, - another section to be inserted - a simple text replacement.
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    Including and looping are supported in hierarchy template. That's enough to be your template.
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    STC compiles templates and generates PHP code for processing the template. The compiled templates get cached in files. STC supports template variable assignment, including separate template files, conditional sections and iteration section loops. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    tplDoc can be used to track substitutional variables used during project development or documentation process.Requirements: FastTemplate package
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    Solace FastTemplate is based on the FastTemplate class but includes additional features, such as nested dynamic blocks or the ability to enable and disable blocks.Solace FastTemplate is useful for projects that still use the FastTemplate class, but need more features and speed.
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    template_tpl can search and replace template placeholders delimited by marks defined by variable names enclosed in special mark start and end characters.Special marks are used to define template blocks that may define conditional sections. In order to process nested blocks the class will create new instances of itself.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The processed templates are compiled into PHP scripts that can be executed directly. Compiled templates get cached. Unchanged templates are not recompiled.Operators look like HTML tags. There are no hardcoded operators. Operators can overload HTML tags so their meaning can be expanded.
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    Template Generation reads template files using the PHP include function to make any PHP in the template file be executed. Then it searches the resulting included file for template placeholders.Regular expressions are used to match input parameters and the found placeholders are replaced by their respective parameter values.
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    No knowledge of a special syntax is required and a template can be created with only four lines of code.
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    Loading template from files, replacing variables, executing custom PHP code and debugging functions are supported.Requirements: PHP 4.0.0 or higher
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    Template Handler sets template objects which are contained within the template file. Objects can be set multiple times within the same script with each "setObject" content appending to the previous.Additionally, the template can also contain PHP code, and Template Handler will be correctly evaluated and displayed.
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