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Free PHP Template makes HTML code clean and readable by separating application logic and content from its presentation. PHP Template is most useful in a situation where application programmer and template designer play different roles.
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    Yapter (Yet Another PHP Template Engine (r)) is a general purpose template engine class. Its purpose is to completely avoid mixing programming logic from the presentation aspects of Web sites.The main characteristic of Yapter is the fact that a whole template can be specified in only one file. Yapter avoids the need for many template files by using blocks.Yapter has ...
  2. TinyButStrong
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    TinyButStrong is a Template Engine for the PHP language. It enables you to link dynamically HTML pages, XML or other text files. It easily merges data from MySQL, Postgre-SQL or SQLite.It has only 6 methods and 5 properties, so it enables you to seriously harmonize and simplify Application programming. Features of TinyButStrong:- can connect to any database type (in native: ...
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    This is a templating system written in PHP to help web developers separate content from logic.The template compiler has support for block iterating, control structures, custom extensions, template compiling, and more.TemplateThis is written in pure OO PHP and does not rely on any frameworks or databases to run, making it usable on almost any shared host with PHP enabled.
  4. SUIT Framework
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    This class is implements a template engine with configurable syntax.It allows defining the syntax of the template place holder marks, like start and end characters, section end characters, escape characters, and nodes that define PHP code to run when processing sections enclosed with given start and end characters.The class can read templates for a given path, process the template syntax ...
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    SmashTemplate is a template engine class that allows for you to create a template, add placeholders, then replace the placeholders dynamically with PHP code.The resulting preprocessed template is evaluated like a normal PHP script to generate the processed output.This template engine also allows for the use of PHP code inside the templates. This way you can reuse your PHP knowledge ...
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    This package implements a template engine that uses PHP as template language.It takes template strings which are PHP scripts, and parse them using the PHP tokenizer extension to figure the blocks and sections of the template.The template engine supports several types of tags which are converted into PHP code and merged with the template PHP code. The resulting code is ...
  7. Simple PHP Template Engine
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    This class implements a template engine based on text replacement.It can load a template file that contains marks to be replaced by parameter values.The class can also replace the marks with HTML tags with optional parameter values.
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    This package can be used to get RSS and Atom feeds and display the feed information in Web pages using templates.It uses the SimplePie class to retrieve and parse the feeds. Then it uses XTemplate template engine to display the feed items.The number of feed items and the template file used to render the items are configurable details.
  9. PHPExcel wrapper for populating XLS files with user data
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    This class can be used to generate Excel spreadsheets from templates. It can load a template spreadsheet file, replace some template values and generate the merged Excel file. The resulting Excel file can be protected with a password and served as the current script output or saved to a given file. This class requires the PHPExcel classes for reading and ...
  10. PclTemplate
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    This script implements a template processing engine that uses string searching to locate template place holder tags.It can read templates from strings or files and search for template place holder tags. The place holder tags delimiters are configurable.The template tags can be used to implement conditional template section processing and section iteration loops.The processed templates can be returned as a ...
  11. OpenTBS
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    This package allows to merge OpenOffice and Ms Office templates with values, SQL and other data. OpenTBS is a plug-in for the TinyButStrong template engine. I can then open compressed documents in the format of OpenOffice or Microsoft Office and replace placeholders in the template by data which can be PHP variables, SQL queries, or other. The resulting documents are ...
  12. LQueryBU
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    Light Query Business UnitPerforms SQL and PHP business units, all together, designed to avoid large DAOs, to increase preformance, better visibility and clarity, and improvement of development time.The unit files may also contain PHP or SQL actions to execute PRE-QUERY, POST-QUERY and POST-RECORD, and PHP or SQL actions for successfull or unsuccessfull queries.- Format pre-query variables, as conditions, limit, decoding, ...
  13. Less.php
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    This process can be used to parse and process Leaner CSS (LESS) files.It can parse LESS template files and process it by reading and replacing variable values, insert mixins in class declarations that use them, evaluating operations and expand nested definitions into CSS classes. The processed CSS is returned as a string.
  14. HTMLe
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    This package implements a template engine extensible with plug-ins.The main class can process templates with marks defined by enclosing curly braces. Template marks may take attributes and eventually trigger invocation of external callback functions.The package comes with additional scripts that work as plug-ins for functions like parsing and displaying RSS feeds, highlight PHP code, etc..
  15. Haanga
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    This package is a template engine that can process Django style templates.It can parse Django style templates and compile them into PHP code that can be executed to generate the processed template output.The engines supports variable replacement, conditional blocks, loops, external template file inclusion.It also supports template inheritance by allowing to redefining a template based on another template.
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