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Free PHP Template makes HTML code clean and readable by separating application logic and content from its presentation. PHP Template is most useful in a situation where application programmer and template designer play different roles.
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    Here another html template implementation. Features of ATemplate:- Allows nested templates,- Easy to use
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    MyTemplate is very powerful template engine. It allows including a nested template file directly into another template file and automaticaly parse it in any template in set.Working with dinamic blocks is so easy. Only assign block variables and get result. You do not need to parse each block 'manualy'. Automaticaly parses PHP constant and global variables into templates.Supports multiply template ...
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    MyTemplate Class is a simple template engine class that uses the PHP eval() function to replace variables contained in the template files.The class and examples code comments are in Arab.
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    Pagina is meant to abstract the generation of HTML pages by defining the elements of page using arrays. The template class was translated to Portuguese and adapted from the Fast Templates class also available in this site.The code, the comments and documentation are mostly written in Portuguese.
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    Class to work with template files. Supports multiple (nested or not) files and multiple (nested or not) dymanic blocks.ft classes is much like FastTemplate. Most of the functions match those from FastTemplate so it is easy to test and implement.A new class based on first is created.The new one have a nice caching engine so I think whort a try ...
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    TemplateHandler is a template processing engine that works by search for template place holder marks and replace them by template values.TemplateHandler supports the definition of conditional sections that can be processed multiple times to generate the output, replacing any place holders defined within the template section limits with a different set of values.
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    PHTML Template is a new major release of PHTML::Template PHP template compiler engine.PHTML Template features the following changes according to this legend:-Added, - Removed, * Changed, ! Bugfix- Added support for SWITCH/CASE statements- Added md5 support for generating cache files names- Added compiled template code cleanup and garbage collection- Added 'TIME', 'TIMESTAMP' and 'VERSION' placeholders- PHP-native include used instead of ...
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    SmartyX is a class derived from Smarty. This class can be used to name and reference the templates using a dotted notation like on ModeliXe.SmartyX inheriting all the functionalities of Smarty.The console of debug of Smarty was changed to take into account the dotted notation and the cache identifiers of the templates.
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    Perfect Templates is a template engine that uses regular expressions to process template files. It supports variables, includes, loops and conditional clauses (if, elseif, else).
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    Cached TemplatEze is a fork of the TemplatEze variable replacement based template engine.Features of Cached TemplatEze:- Template Set support- perfomance measurement- Content Caching- Output Buffering- array assignment to assign() function- functions set(), setloop() and tplblock() merged into one assign() function- clean code
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    IS Layout is a template engine that searches for place holders tags using regular expressions and replaces them with input values. The class can use templates defined specified files or takes the template text as an argument.IS Layout can replace template place holder values in the whole template or partially in sections delimited in the template with special identifiers. It ...
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    Templateze is a template engine that uses direct string replacement to process template files.Templateze supports:- Placeholder with multiple different start and end marks- Iteration over looping blocks- Substitution of place holder with data from additional files
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    DCC::QuickSite Pro is a set of classes that works as a site generation backend engine. It supports template processing, page caching, gzip compression, logging and virtual URI parsing.
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    Another modified version of CDI's Fast Template with new 'clean' code and some neat features.
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    Template engine for PHP that allows to store your html code apart from your php code. It was tested with php 3.0.11.Features of XTemplate:- Simple variable interpolation ( {STUFF} )- Array variable interpolation for eg. {ROW.ID} {ROW.NAME} {ROW.WHATEVER}, you assign an array to the variable ROW once- Global PHP variables available without making assigns for eg. {PHP.HTTP_HOST} {PHP.PHP_SELF} or any ...
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