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Free and open source PHP Social Networking Scripts. These Scripts for starting a social network site or services or adding social features to your site.
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    This PHP script can be used to retrieve and display photo albums from Facebook fan pages, it can also generate HTML to display the retrieved photo albums in another web page, while an API key and page ID are requested.Facebook Page Album will send a HTTP request to the Facebook graph Web Services API server to retrieve photo albums information ...
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    This PHP script is created to authenticate users by their Facebook account credentials in which Zend Framework views and controllers classes are used to interact with the Facebook Connect Web Services API. Facebook API is used by Zend Framework Facebook Library to redirect the user to a Facebook page on which it may authenticate the Facebook user and allow an ...
  3. Facebook Connect
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    This PHP script is mainly used to authenticate users using Facebook connect. It displays a Facebook connect button to let the users click and be lead to a Facebook page on which they may authorize the application to obtain access to the Facebook user accounts.The user is redirected to a configurable page on which applications are authenticated against Facebook servers, ...
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    Facebook Twitter Linkedin status update is an open source PHP script based on Jquery, it can be used to send HTTP requests to different social networking sites to post new user status messages. Currently, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are supported by this script.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    xTwitter is probably the most complete twitter API written in PHP, it can be used to retrieve information, update satuses and the account of a Twitter user. This free PHP script will send HTTP requests to the Twitter API Web server on behalf of a given user and performs several types of operations. Currently, this script getting the user statuses ...
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    Facebook Chat is a PHP Chat script designed to send chat messages to friend in Facebook much easier. It will send a request authenticate on behalf of a given Facebook user. This script can retrieve the list of friends and send a chat message to a friend that is online.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or higher
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    LikePortal - Facebook Like Site Script, is a PHP social networking script based on MySQL. It helps you spread your likes virally to improve page views of your favorite websites. Features of LikePortal - Facebook Like Site Script:- Submit new "Likes"- Character Length check- Facebook and Twitter buttons- PHP/MySQL- Random Featured Likes- Easy to use- Seperate page for Most popular ...
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    Zend Framework OAuth consumer package was used in this PHP script tp generate a token for accessing the Twitte API on behalf of the current siet user. Redirecting to use the Twitter site, this PHP script helps verify the user permission and handle the request to receive the validated OAuth token. Moreover, OAuth Twitter can access the Twitter API using ...
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    Twitter Updater can be used to update and retrieve the statuses of a Twitter user. It can send requests to the Twitter API on behalf of a given user to perform several types of operations. Currently it can update the user status, remove a given user status, and get the user time line status. The script can also shorten URLs ...
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    Mistpark provides a distributed social network with strong privacy controls. It includes micro-blogging, location tagging, sharing photos, videos, links and private messages. You can also link to and communicate with friends in OStatus networks such as and More networks will be supported in the future.
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    This script can be used to retrieve and display Twitter user timeline. It retrieves and parses the RSS feed of the a Twitter user timeline statuses and generates HTML to display it. The script stores the generated HTML in stored in an cache file that is valid for 1 hour before the class retrieves the latest updates to the use ...
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    A Complete Online King James Bible for your Website. Help us spread thy Word with our integrated Social Networking Tools. Easily syndicate what you have learned while reading the Bible with others on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, YouTube?, Google, Yahoo, AOL, ASK, etc. Added Twitter API Support, Added Twitter Shout Box to Footer. Also, with our "Bookmark & Share" button ...
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    Twitter Class is well documented with PHPDoc.You can easily to type this class in your IDE and easy use twitter service.
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    The uberVU Web Services API is accessed and requests to execute several types of operations are sent. Currently uberVU php library can add one or more URLs to be tracked and also get information about a previously added URL. Requirements: - PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    SMS Twitter to India is composed by two classes: - one class can be used to retrieve the RSS feed of a specified Twitter account; - another class can access in the Web services API to send SMS messages with the latest Twitter status to a given mobile device of India. Requirements: - PHP 5 or Higher
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