PHP Site Mapping

Free and open source PHP Site Mapping Scripts. These scripts provide you a easy way to generate a sitemap for you website.
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    SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator Software, is a php based sitemap generator for Google, RSS, HTML and Text site maps. SiteMap XML Dynamic SiteMap Generator includes a range of configurable variables to define the site map content and can be run as an online form for Static SiteMaps or to create real time Dynamic SiteMaps that can be directly called. ...
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    Google site map generator can be used to generate a Google site maps. It can build the site map definition in Google site map from lists of URL specified using arrays, string or passing MySQL database query result handles.Google site map generator can can also browse a specified folder (recursively or not and with extension check) to build the google ...
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    Simple Google Site Map Generator can be used to generate site page maps in Google site map XML format. It can add individual URLs or lists of URLs that may optionally define the last modification date, change frequency and priority.Simple Google Site Map Generator may generate a site map XML as part of the current script output or store it ...
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    Users can login and enter crime in their hood. Events show up in a map with reports. Based on Google Maps.Requirements:- PHP- a Google Maps Key.
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    Create Sitemap can be used to generate XML file with the map of the files from a directory.Create Sitemap traverses a given directory recursively and generate nested XML document that lists the names of all files and sub-directories contained in the input directory.
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    Google Site Map can be used to generate maps of pages of a site in Google site map XML format.There is one class for defining site map item information that includes the location of a site page, last modification time, change frequency and priority.The main class can gather all the site map items and generate the site map definition in ...
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