PHP Site Mapping

Free and open source PHP Site Mapping Scripts. These scripts provide you a easy way to generate a sitemap for you website.
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    Google Meta Search Engine is a free script use's google web results and display's it to the user, usually meta script do not include pagination but this one does.
  2. Sitemap Creator
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    Sitemap Creator is a php script making use of the announced new standard SiteMaps protocol supported by Google, Yahoo and MSN. It creates sitemap.xml.gz compressed file for your Sitemap and pings Google,Yahoo! and MSN to come crawl it.
  3. Curl multi sitemap
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    This script can be used to generate multiple sitemaps crawling sites. It can crawl one or more sites to retrieve its pages and follow links recursively and determine the addresses of all pages to include in a XML sitemap.It can ignore given URLs to avoid crawling and including in the sitemap.The script uses the Curl extension multi-request support to retrieve ...
  4. Sitemap Generator
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    This PHP Script is used to generate sitemap and notify updates to search engines. It can build a sitemap file from a list of URLs, the URLs may have attached the last modification date, a change frequency and a priority.The sitemap file may be saved in the compressed format, This script may also update the site robots .txt file with ...
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    PHP XML Sitemap generator is a PHP script to help you create a formatted and standard-based XML sitemap dynamically and programmatically for inclusion into Google and other search engines.
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    Sitemap Manager is a sitemap can be composed by either adding individual URLs or adding sitemap item objects containing more details for each URL, like the last modification time of the page, update frequency and weight.The composed URL can be saved to a given file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Sitemap creator can generate a sitemap file with given site URLs and compress it. When the sitemap file is generated it can notify Google to let it know that the new sitemap is available. The robots.txt file with the sitemap location can also be generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher What's New in This Release Sitemap creator: Added support for ...
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    Automap is able to crawl website by following the links found on the page of a given URL. It can build a sitemap XML document with all the URLs of the pages that were found. The number of crawled links, the allowed page extensions and the disallowed link URL parameters are configurable. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Google SiteMap generator can add URLs of pages to a list and then it generates a XML document in the sitemap structure format that includes all the pages. A specified file is used to store the sitemap document in. Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Sitemap creator for Google, Yahoo and MSN can traverse a given server directory where the files of a site are located. The list of files that match given name extensions is extracted.Site maps in XML or plain text formats can be generated and stored in a specified directory.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Site Map Generator retrieves the pages and finds internal links to sections of the site. The links are followed recursively until all of them are indexed.An XML document in Google site map format, containing the URLs of all the pages that were found, is generated. The site map XML document is returned as a string value.Requirements:PHP 5.1.3 or higher
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    googleSiteMap starts fetching a given URL and then follows any links to crawl a whole site. It generates a XML document in the Google site map format with the URLs of all crawled pages.The site map XML document is returned as string value. The generated XML document gets returned as a string value and the list of URLs gets cached ...
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    GSM can traverse a given directory to extract the list of files with given file name extension to be added to the site map given the site base URL.Certain file entries may be excluded from the list. GSM can also make certain file entries to be listed with the last modification date and a specific priority.The generated site map XML ...
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    Sitemap Creator is a php script making use of the announced new standard SiteMaps protocol supported by Google, Yahoo , MSN , and The script is able to crawl/spider your website, create your sitemaps, ping Google, Yahoo,, with the location of your sitemaps and send you alerts by email when sitemaps are created or crawled by ...
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    Features of Google Sitemap Generator for Wordpress: - WordPress 2 compatible - Comes as a WordPress Plugin - Has a user interface where you can customize all parameters like change frequencies, priorities etc. - User interface available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese- Generates a static XML file in your Blog directory (Filename ...
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