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    JoomAvatar provides Joomla Templates and Joomla Extensions for people from all over the world with friendly support. JoomAvatar considers all comments and feedbacks of you in order to improve and complete JoomAvatar's products. Features of Avatar Tools:- Managing Admin Area with Drag & Drop UI and AJAX- Quick search and edit content, module, menus, templates at everywhere without refresh page.- ...
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    Bot Lane is a php script which can be used in SEO tasks, hosting operations, tool optimizations, adding features to a project and many more. It is a tabbed interface, each tab for a script that check an aspect of the site or contribute to its content. If a script is added, a tab will automatically be created. Limitations:- Bot ...
  3. Franklin
    729 total visits
    Franklin is a PHP tool for recording various data from live websites. Recorded data can then be presented using charts in a nicely formatted web page.Features of Franklin:- Simple PHP5 object oriented code- Easy PHP-based configuration & installation- Simple Charts using Google Chart API- iPhone & Android compatible report page- Simple CSS based themes- RSS Readers & Hits (via Feedburner ...
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    701 total visits
    This is a PHP SEO script to check and optimize site content. Bioloide (also known as Bot Lane) can perform checks and meta data optimizations for improving site SEO.Comes packed with plenty of useful webmaster tools. Custom tools can also be added by the admin himself. Bioloide also comes with an aatomated graphic installer.Features of Bioloide:- ARA RSS Editor- Analytics ...
  5. CosmicCounter
    615 total visits
    ComisCounter is a free php counter scipt that will display the number of visitors to each page on your site. This will inform you which of your pages are getting the most hits and where your customers are spending their time.
  6. Auto Keyword META Tag Generator
    1956 total visits
    Auto Keyword META Tag Generator is a free PHP auto keyword generation script, which is a simple utility to allow you to generate a keyword string from the contents of your webpage.This is a simple utility to allow you to generate a keyword string from the contents of your webpage. Just cut and paste the contents of your site into ...
  7. Google Pagerank Script
    1415 total visits
    Google Pagerank PHP script works for both bloggers and webmasters. This script directly communication from google toolbar. You can check your Google Ranking, Alexa Ranking and Dmoz.It always is advisable not to make too many request at the same time from the same IP.
  8. My Hosting Requirements
    348 total visits
    This PHP Script is designed to calculate hosting bandwidth based on the audience, parameters include the average number of visitors, page views per visitors and page size.This PHP SEO script can also calculate estimate and display the average bandwidth usage per day, per visitor, minimun and maximum transfer rate per second.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  9. SmartGAPI
    592 total visits
    This script can display site statistics from Google Analytics. It uses the Google Analytics client script by Stig Manning to retrieve site statistics by sending HTTP requests to the Google Anaylytics API Web server.The main script can generate HTML and JavaScript that users jQuery to send AJAX requests that retrieves and displays the site statistics.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  10. Page Rank PHP script
    1159 total visits
    Page rank PHP script is a free PHP seo script. With it you can display the Google Rage Rank on your website using this script hosted on your server.
  11. Simple class for logs
    227 total visits
    This PHP script logs entries to files. Log entry messages are appended to given log files. Log entries can include the current timestamp and the current script memory usage.Features of Simple class for logs:- mode of read/write- you can write date, memory use.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  12. SEOstats
    2718 total visits
    SEOstats is a powerful PHP script to get a lot of SEO relevant data, such as Backlinkdetails, Keyword Analysis, Traffic Statistics, Page Authority and much more. It collects data from Google, Yahoo, Majesticseo, SEOmoz, Alexa, Facebook and Twitter.Features of SEOstats:- GoogleGoogle Page RankGoogle Siteindex TotalGoogle Siteindex ArrayGoogle Backlinks Total Google Backlinks Array Google Mentions Total Google Mentions Array- Yahoo Yahoo ...
  13. Google position for provided keywords
    1370 total visits
    This is a PHP SEO script to find how sites rank on Google for given keywords. It queries Google, searching for pages using given keywords.The script checks if a given site appears on the retrieved search results and returns the first site result position number.If the results are found, it will print them, highlighting the desired data.A limit can be ...
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    2058 total visits
    FireLog is a simple yet powerful logging script made in PHP that creates Apache-style visitor logs. Most logging scripts require you to include a PHP file at the top of every one of your pages. This method works, but you can only log visitors' hits to pages to PHP pages.FireLog uses a .htaccess file to reroute all traffic through it's ...
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    1270 total visits
    AWStats is a server log processing and analyzer program. Iawfile can generate text files with several types of statistics computed from the values of the processed logs.Array variable are used to store the extracted statistics values. It can extract statistics about visits and visitors, referers, ranges, sections, etc..
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