PHP Security System

Free and open source PHP Security Systems Scripts. Kepp your site server security in every respect such as XSS, SQL injuection, spam and so on.
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    Filter can process request data from POST, GET, REQUEST and COOKIE values and verify if it matches given type rules. If the values satisfy the rules, they are copied to array class variable.Filtering rules are supported for integers, strings, booleans, dates, times, timestamps, e-mail addresses, web addresses and phone numbers.Requirements:PHP 5 or higher
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    Flood Blocke can be used to detect and protect a Web site from attempts to flood it with too many requests. It also allows to protect the site from automatic downloading many pages or files from the same IP address.The detection of flood is determine according to a set of parameters indicating the maximal allowed number of requests for the ...
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    E-mail addresses, phone numbers and URLs can be validated. PHP Data Validation may also filter HTML data to remove tags and attributes that could be used to perform Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) exploits.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Login Class can present an HTML form to submit the user name and password when the user is not yet authenticated. The user credentials are checked against records stored in a MySQL table.If the user is authenticated successfully, the class sets some session variables with the user details. The MySQL database table fields to check are configurable.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A signature generator great for having matching clan/guild signatures on forums, or for use on private servers. Comes with 2 files, you'll need to edit index.html and change the text inputs as required as well as the graphic options as required.You'll also need to edit the siggy.php and change which graphics as used as the base, as well as the ...
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    PHPStopFlood is a library that can be used to detect and protect a Web site from attempts to flood it with too many requests. It also allows to protect the site from automatic downloading many pages or files from the same IP address, with the same session id or with whatever same identification token provided by you. The detection of ...
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    A PHP class that can generate a code valid for a limited time. Based on a secret key you can generate a code that is valid only for a limited period of time or as a one time password (OTP), so this class extends the OTP to support the valability of the code in time.The password generated can be verified ...
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    Chmod Setter can be used to set the permissions of files and folders recursively. It traverses the list of files of a given directory and changes the permissions mode to a given value. The sub-directories are processed recursively.Chmod Setter keeps track of the changed files and directories in a log array class variable.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    HackerTrap is the first step towards protecting your site. The web today is a jungle of hackers and script kiddies trying to take over any servers they can. They blast your site with multiple requests for different applications and check which get a response - and then exploit its known weaknesses. Even if you don't run the application, the error ...
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    Defensive Attack can be used to get and set information about the current user HTTP request details to help protecting against unintended accesses.Functions of Defensive Attack:- Determine the user machine real IP address even when it is behind a proxy.- Check whether the user IP address is the same as the Web server IP address- Determine whether the user is ...
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    Password Checker can be used to generate and test passwords to check whether they are easy to discover.Password Checker can perform several types of tests to check whether a password is easy to guess. It can also perform tests to check whether the password is easy to guess due to similarities to a given a user name.Password Checker can also ...
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    From the developer who brought you tinyMuw CMS comes the tinyMuw Password Generator! Just like the CMS, this utility was fully developed in a combat theater (specifically Baghdad, Iraq by an American Infantryman). This script comes with powerful default character sets and standardized bit lengths, but enables the user to easily create their own character set and specify any password ...
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    You can protect your files (eg: admin panel) with user name and password. You can develope this script by write a new modules.
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    Password Generator class can generate random passwords using the current time as randomizing seed.The generated passwords have a given fixed length and can have only numbers, or only letters or both numbers and letters.
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    Link Obfuscator is meant to generate obfuscated HTML links in a way that is possible to detect whether the a page was accessed following a real link or went directly to a given page.This way the class can be used to disallow users to freely navigate in a site without going through the intended pages, preventing direct access to pages ...
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