PHP Security System

Free and open source PHP Security Systems Scripts. Kepp your site server security in every respect such as XSS, SQL injuection, spam and so on.
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    Secure URL uses encoder to encrypt URL parameters. It uses PHP output buffer capture support to automatically process the URLs of the links and forms of the current page.The URLs which are to be altered can optionally be restricted through filters. When the current page using the class is loaded, it decrypts the parameter variables and updates the respective global ...
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    Three protection mechanism are available and can be used. When an invalid attempt to access the protected images is performed, the class can execute exception actions like redirecting the browser to a given URL or displaying a given alternative image.Key Features of Protector:- Serve the image with several headers to tell browses to not cache the images- Avoid hot linking ...
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    PHP poppassd client connects to a a given poppassd server and attempts to set a new password for the account of an user given the current password.If the server does not accept the new password, the class returns the specific error messages.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Form Spam Bot Blocker generates hidden inputs for forms that have special values that are verified on the server after the form is submitted to eventually detect whether the form was sent by a spam robot. A hidden input, containing an encoded value of the user browser, IP address and current time, is generated.Form Spam Bot Blocker verifies whether these ...
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    A text value can be subjected to several types of validations. Each validation returns the filtered value or false if the input is not valid.Currently Filtreatment can perform the validations for: integer values, floating point values, strip HTML tags, regular expression matching, e-mail address, HTML without potential cross site scripting (XSS) exploits, and escaped text values for SQL queries to ...
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    OTP_TS has a single function that takes a password and a string of the data to encrypt. A cipher for encrypting the data using a XOR operation is generated from the password.The same function to encrypt can be used to decrypt the encrypted data using the same password.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    class_sql_inject is meant to search in your SQL data values for special characters that may change the meaning of your SQL data and execute actions that may compromise the security of servers.When some of these suspicious character sequences is found in HTTP POST request values ($_POST), you can:- Destroy the current session- Redirect to a new page- Log the activityTo ...
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    A bidimensional array of tokens of limited length, with letters and digits, is generated. The generated grid is seeded by a given secret salt string and a specific id that may be used to generate unique grids for different applications and users.Secure Token Grid Authentication may also verify whether a token entered by the user corresponds to a token of ...
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    The arrays of request super-global variables, $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE, are traversed.User Input Sanitation escapes the values of the request variables add escape slashes characters to quotes, backslashes and NUL characters, so the values can be used in database queries without further escaping.Simple logic and methods are used to clean malicious input and make database interaction a bit safer.Requirements:PHP ...
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    Luta Spam can take an e-mail address and replace some of its characters to make it difficult to recognize by robots by replacing @ and . characters by respective images.The e-mail addresses can also be decoded, with images for @ and . being replaced back by the respective characters.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Two separate version of an address are being generated for displayed on Web pages and for use in mailto: links.In both versions the @ character is replaced by alternative characters. In the mailto: link version the other characters are encoded using equivalent numeric HTML entities.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Solace Script Maze is meant to protect PHP scripts from being stolen or modified. Solace script maze uses only native PHP functions, so no additional extensions are required to execute protected scripts, thus also support PHP 5.The user can define the protection strength, decode password, compression, client and server IP bindings and expiration date, measure decoding time. Protected scripts use ...
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    Spam Rating takes a text string with the whole contents of a message and stores it in a temporary file. The SpamAssassin program is invoked in order to evaluate the message and determine if it is spam or not.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    If you are sending sensitive instructions from on page to another, Data Transmission Shield is often important to hide and protect what you are sending to prevent cross site scripting and other malicious attempts to hack your sites and applications.The shield class protects your data by using mcrypt to encrypt the information into a hashed value. This is then sent ...
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    The strings and the private data gent stored in a database table to prevent link stealing.Hash strings can be constructed from:- Session id of the user- Private data of the server- Private data of the web site- An item to check- Timestamp of a query- A maximum number of accesses- A maximum durationIn another page, Hash can check whether the ...
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