PHP Security System

Free and open source PHP Security Systems Scripts. Kepp your site server security in every respect such as XSS, SQL injuection, spam and so on.
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    This class can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation.It can generate an image with a random validation text over a noise background.The generated image is served as the current script output in JPEG or PNG format.The class returns the rendered text string for later validation. It uses a configurable TrueType font to render the text. The text color, ...
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    DEA Captcha can be used to display CAPTCHA images and validate forms that use them to verify whether the user is really a human or a robot. It can generate an image with a random text taken from a text file. The text is rendered using TrueType fonts over a background of random faded text letters and background images. The ...
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    This class can be used to Generate and validate CAPTCHA images.It can generate an image with a random text made of hexadecimal digits.The class stores the text in a session variable for posterior verification.The image is served as the current script output in PNG format.
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    This offers protection against automated attempts to guess login passwords also known as dictionary attacks.It works by logging failed access attempts and when necessary it blocks the access to users that have failed to login too many times, as it may be an attack of a cracker using a dictionary of common passwords trying guess the correct password with an ...
  5. Antz_IntelliForm
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    This class can be used to prevent form reposting warnings by saving submitted form data. It saves the values of forms submitted using the POST method to session variables for a given length of time. Then it makes the browser redirect to the same page forcing a new request, this time using the GET method. The form values previously submitted ...
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    A Cryptography php module very easy to use, could be used to protect databases, files, ad hash codes in every server that support php. Nowdays the most used hash algoritms are weak and there are many huge database with the hash code and the relative pass.
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    DRBImageVerification is a simple anti-spam image verification, or CAPTCHA, script. It allows you to add a challenge-response test to your existing PHP powered forms to prevent automated spam postings.Features:- Quick and easy to install.- Verification string length and character list are configurable.- Requires a session cookie, for additional obscurity.- Includes an example PHP page demonstrating how to add a verification ...
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    This class can be used to filter request values by type. It is able to process GET and POST request variables to determine if they match any given type.The class returns the original values or default values if the request values do not match the expected type.Currently the class supports filtering strings to remove tags and add escaping slashes, integers ...
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    OpenCaptcha is a php script designed to dynamically create a captcha image in .png form. It uses a randomly chosen background to start with, then chooses a random string of a randomly chosen length, color, size, font, and orientation. Then it adds randomly coloured and placed lines to create an image that computers can't easily interpret.With OpenCaptcha, you can easily ...
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    Power 2 Protect is meant to restrict the access of users to the Web pages of a site according to a definition of user role based permissions stored in a database. The users are authenticated in login form when they try to access a protected page.If a user attempts to access a page to which he as no permission, the ...
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    Protect picture is meant to protect the path of your site pictures in order to prevent that somebody eventually using robot scripts steals the images by accessing the pictures directly.Protect picture changes the URL of the images used in HTML or tags using a new URL through which real browsers can retrieve the picture files.Requirement:php 4.0 or later with session ...
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    The Apache mod_rewrite is often used to protect images and other types of media files from hotlinking from other sites, that make them appear in their pages although they are served from the original sites.However, mod_rewrite can be used to protect the service of Flash files against hotlinking.
  13. HTML Purifier
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    HTML Purifier is an HTML filtering solution that uses a unique combination of robust whitelists and agressive parsing to ensure that not only are XSS attacks thwarted, but the resulting HTML is standards compliant.HTML Purifier is oriented towards richly formatted documents from untrusted sources that require CSS and a full tag-set. This library can be configured to accept a more ...
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    With Safe Object, setter and getter functions are provided to enforce defined access restrictions. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Values can be filtered in several way in order to prevent the ones that could be used to perform an attack. Currently Web Open Patch can filter values to prevent MySQL SQL injections, injection of e-mail messages in headers, escaping values to prevent cross-site scripting, generate and validate tokens to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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